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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:fxutils/fxutils.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
abstract class IFxEnv {
String? getEnv(String variableName, [String? defaultValue]);
/// Path to the fx executable.
String get fx => p.join(fuchsiaDir!, fxLocation);
String? get sshKey;
String? get outputDir;
String? get fuchsiaDir;
String? get fuchsiaArch;
String? get hostOutDir;
String get cwd;
bool isFeatureEnabled(String featureName) => true;
/// Relative path to the current output directory from the root of the Fuchsia
/// checkout.
String? get relativeOutputDir => outputDir?.substring(fuchsiaDir!.length);
/// GN absolute path to the output directory (e.g., "//out/default").
String? get userFriendlyOutputDir =>
relativeOutputDir != outputDir ? '/$relativeOutputDir' : outputDir;
/// Relative path between the current working directory and the output
/// directory.
String get relativeCwd {
// `startingDir` asked for from the output root
if (cwd == outputDir) {
return cwdToken;
// `cwd` asked for from *within* the output directory
if (p.isWithin(outputDir!, cwd)) {
return p.relative(cwd, from: outputDir);
// All other situations, return the actual starting directory.
return cwd;
/// Usage:
/// ```dart
/// final fxEnv = FxEnv.env(Platform.environment);
/// // Get the absolute path to the fx executable
/// String fxPath = fxEnv.fx;
/// // Get the path to the directory of your current active build
/// String buildPath = fxEnv.outputDir;
/// ```
class FxEnv extends IFxEnv {
final EnvReader _envReader;
FxEnv({required EnvReader envReader}) : _envReader = envReader;
factory FxEnv.env(Map<String, String> env, {String cwd = '/cwd'}) =>
FxEnv(envReader: EnvReader(environment: env, cwd: cwd));
String? getEnv(String variableName, [String? defaultValue]) =>
_envReader.getEnv(variableName, defaultValue);
/// Path to the ssh key required to reach the device.
String? get sshKey => _envReader.getEnv('FUCHSIA_SSH_KEY');
/// Absolute path to the build directory. Read from the environment variable.
String? get outputDir => _envReader.getEnv('FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR');
/// Absolute path to the root of the Fuchsia checkout. Read from the
/// environment variable.
String? get fuchsiaDir => _envReader.getEnv('FUCHSIA_DIR');
/// The current architecture selected (currently one of x64/arm64)
String? get fuchsiaArch => _envReader.getEnv('FUCHSIA_ARCH');
/// The path to the Fuchsia host-tools build directory
/// (usually $FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR/host_$HOST_ARCH)
String? get hostOutDir => _envReader.getEnv('HOST_OUT_DIR');
/// Current working directory. Pulled from the OS.
String get cwd => _envReader.getCwd();
/// Enable/Disable state of an optional feature.
/// See //tools/devshell/lib/ for more information.
bool isFeatureEnabled(String featureName) {
return _envReader.getEnv('FUCHSIA_DISABLED_$featureName') != '1';