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# Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# WARNING: This is not supposed to be directly executed by users.
readonly _REMOTE_INFO_CACHE_FILE=".fx-remote-config"
function load_remote_info {
local current_host="$1"
# if remote_host is not given, check if there's cached info
if [[ -z "${current_host}" && -f "${FUCHSIA_DIR}/${_REMOTE_INFO_CACHE_FILE}" ]]; then
echo -n "Reusing remote_host=${remote_host}"
if [[ -n "${remote_dir}" ]]; then
echo -n " and remote-path=${remote_dir}"
echo " from previous invocation, persisted in file //${_REMOTE_INFO_CACHE_FILE}"
} >&2
echo "$remote_host" "$remote_dir"
return 0
return 1
function save_remote_info {
local remote_host="$1"
local remote_dir="$2"
echo "${remote_host}:${remote_dir}" > "${FUCHSIA_DIR}/${_REMOTE_INFO_CACHE_FILE}"
# Return the name of the build output directory on the remote
function get_remote_build_dir {
local host=$1
local remote_checkout=$2
echo $(ssh "${host}" "cd ${remote_checkout} && .jiri_root/bin/fx get-build-dir")
# Search for a specific build artifact by name
function find_remote_build_artifact {
local host="$1"
local remote_checkout="$2"
local name="$3"
local mode="$4"
echo $(ssh "${host}" "cd ${remote_checkout} && .jiri_root/bin/fx list-build-artifacts --expect-one --name ${name} ${mode}")
# Fetch a named artifact from the remote build directory
function fetch_remote_artifacts {
local host="$1"
local remote_checkout="$2"
local local_dir="$3"
shift 3
local artifacts=("$@")
local remote_build_dir="$(get_remote_build_dir "${host}" "${remote_checkout}")" || exit $?
local joined=$(printf "%s," "${artifacts[@]}")
mkdir -p "${local_dir}"
# --relative ensures that the artifacts are copied to out/fetched relative to
# the '/./' (i.e., the build directory).
# --times preserves the modification timestamp, which rsync uses in conjunction
# with filesize to determine if the file changed (unless the --checksum
# parameter is used). Without one of either --times or --checksum, identical
# files will be re-transfered on each rsync invocation.
rsync --compress --partial --progress --relative --times "${host}:${remote_build_dir}/./{${joined}}" "${local_dir}" || exit $?
# Fetch all build artifacts for a given mode, optionally building them first
function fetch_remote_build_artifacts {
local host="$1"
local remote_checkout="$2"
local local_dir="$3"
local mode="$4" # See fx list-build-artifacts for possible values.
local build="$5"
local artifacts=($(ssh "${host}" "cd ${remote_checkout} && .jiri_root/bin/fx list-build-artifacts ${mode}")) || exit $?
if $build; then
ssh "${host}" "cd ${remote_checkout} && .jiri_root/bin/fx build ${artifacts[@]}"
fetch_remote_artifacts "${host}" "${remote_checkout}" "${local_dir}" "${artifacts[@]}"
# Attempts to fetch a remote tool able to run on the host platform, and
# default to building one locally if unable to find one.
function fetch_or_build_tool {
local host="$1"
local remote_checkout="$2"
local local_dir="$3"
local tool_name="$4"
local tool="$(ssh "${host}" "cd ${remote_checkout} && .jiri_root/bin/fx list-build-artifacts --build --allow-empty --os ${HOST_OS} --cpu ${HOST_CPU}" --name ${tool_name} tools)"
if [[ -n "${tool}" ]] ; then
fetch_remote_artifacts "${host}" "${remote_checkout}" "${local_dir}" "${tool}" >&2
tool="$(fx-command-run list-build-artifacts --build --expect-one --name ${tool_name} tools)" || exit $?
rm -f "${local_dir}/${tool}"
mkdir -p "${local_dir}/$(dirname "$tool")"
cp "${FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR}/${tool}" "${local_dir}/${tool}"
echo "${tool}"