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// Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
//! # On-disk versioning
//! This module manages serialization and deserialization of FxFS structures to disk.
//! In FxFS, on-disk layout is deferred to serialization libraries (i.e.
//! [bincode](, serde).
//! Stability of these layouts depends on both struct/enum stability and serialization libraries.
//! This module provides struct/enum stability by maintaining a generation of types and a
//! means to upgrade from older versions to newer ones.
//! The trait mechanism used is flexible enough to allow specific versions to use differing
//! serialization code if we ever require it.
//! ## Traits
//! All serialization is done with serde so [Serialize] and [Deserialize] traits must be derived
//! for all types and sub-types.
//! All versioned, serializable struct/enum type should have the [Versioned] trait.
//! The most recent version of a type should also have the [VersionedLatest] trait.
//! These traits are largely implemented for you via the `versioned_struct!` macro as follows:
//! ```ignore
//! versioned_type! {
//! 3.. => SuperBlockV3,
//! 2.. => SuperBlockV2,
//! 1.. => SuperBlockV1,
//! };
//! // Note the reuse of SuperBlockRecordV1 for two versions.
//! versioned_type! {
//! 3.. => SuperBlockRecordV2,
//! 1.. => SuperBlockRecordV1,
//! };
//! ```
//! The user is required to implement [From] to migrate from one version to the next.
//! The above macros will implement further [From] traits allowing direct upgrade from any version
//! to the latest. [VersionedLatest] provides a `deserialize_from_version` method that can be
//! used to deserialize any supported version and then upgrade it to the latest format.
//! ## Conventions
//! There are limits to how automated this process can be, so we rely heavily on conventions.
//! * Every versioned type should have a monotonically increasing `Vn` suffix for each generation.
//! * Every versioned sub-type (e.g. child of a struct) should also have `Vn` suffix.
//! * In type definitions, all versioned child types should be referred to explicitly with their
//! `Vn` suffix. This prevents us from accidentally changing a version by changing a sub-type.
mod traits;
// Re-export the traits we need.
pub use fxfs_macros::{versioned_type, Versioned};
pub use traits::{Version, Versioned, VersionedLatest};
// For test use, we add [Versioned] and [VersionedLatest] to primitive integer types (i32, ...).
pub mod test_traits;
mod tests;
// Re-export all Fxfs types.
mod types;