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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <cobalt-client/cpp/histogram.h>
#include <fs/metrics/cobalt_metrics.h>
#include <fs/metrics/histograms.h>
namespace fs_metrics {
namespace internal {
// Returns the appropiate histogram for an event.
cobalt_client::Histogram<fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics::kHistogramBuckets>* SelectHistogram(
const Event event, fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics* metrics);
} // namespace internal
// This class allows clients to create a single filesystem event that creates metrics for both the
// inspect API and Cobalt instrumentation. This is intended to make it easier to measure events for
// tracking through this distinct mechanisms, and should be used for code that already exposes both
// types of metrics.
// In the future, this class will be replaced by just using the Inspect API's 'LatencyEvent', and
// Cobalt histograms will be automatically generated by a proxy service tentatively called the
// 'Broker Service.' Clients who do not currently export Cobalt metrics should prefer using this
// Inspect API directly.
class CompositeLatencyEvent {
CompositeLatencyEvent() = delete;
CompositeLatencyEvent(Event event, Histograms* histogram_collection,
fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics* metrics);
CompositeLatencyEvent(const CompositeLatencyEvent&) = delete;
CompositeLatencyEvent(CompositeLatencyEvent&&) = default;
CompositeLatencyEvent& operator=(const CompositeLatencyEvent&) = delete;
CompositeLatencyEvent& operator=(CompositeLatencyEvent&&) = delete;
// Resets start for the latency event.
void Reset();
// Prevents the latency event from being recorded.
void Cancel();
LatencyEvent* mutable_latency_event() { return &inspect_event_; }
cobalt_client::Histogram<fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics::kHistogramBuckets>* mutable_histogram() {
return cobalt_histogram_;
LatencyEvent inspect_event_;
cobalt_client::Histogram<fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics::kHistogramBuckets>* cobalt_histogram_;
} // namespace fs_metrics