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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fs/metrics/composite_latency_event.h>
namespace fs_metrics {
namespace internal {
cobalt_client::Histogram<fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics::kHistogramBuckets>* SelectHistogram(
const Event event, fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics* metrics) {
switch (event) {
case Event::kClose:
return &metrics->close;
case Event::kRead:
return &metrics->read;
case Event::kWrite:
return &metrics->write;
case Event::kAppend:
return &metrics->append;
case Event::kTruncate:
return &metrics->truncate;
case Event::kSetAttr:
return &metrics->set_attr;
case Event::kGetAttr:
return &metrics->get_attr;
case Event::kReadDir:
return &metrics->read_dir;
case Event::kSync:
return &metrics->sync;
case Event::kLookUp:
return &metrics->look_up;
case Event::kCreate:
return &metrics->create;
case Event::kLink:
return &metrics->link;
case Event::kUnlink:
return &metrics->unlink;
return nullptr;
} // namespace internal
CompositeLatencyEvent::CompositeLatencyEvent(Event event,
fs_metrics::Histograms* histogram_collection,
fs_metrics::VnodeMetrics* metrics)
: inspect_event_(histogram_collection, event) {
cobalt_histogram_ = internal::SelectHistogram(event, metrics);
CompositeLatencyEvent::~CompositeLatencyEvent() {
if (cobalt_histogram_ != nullptr && inspect_event_.start().get() > 0) {
zx::ticks delta = zx::ticks::now() - inspect_event_.start();
void CompositeLatencyEvent::Cancel() { inspect_event_.Cancel(); }
void CompositeLatencyEvent::Reset() { inspect_event_.Reset(); }
} // namespace fs_metrics