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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <zircon/compiler.h>
#include <zircon/errors.h>
#include <zircon/types.h>
#include <memory>
#include <digest/digest.h>
#include <digest/hash-list.h>
#include <fbl/alloc_checker.h>
#include <fbl/macros.h>
namespace digest {
namespace internal {
// |digest::internal::MerkleTree| contains common Merkle tree code. Callers MUST NOT use this
// class directly. See |digest::MerkleTreeCreator| and |digest::MerkleTreeVerifier| below.
template <typename T, typename VP, class MT, class HL>
class MerkleTree {
MerkleTree() = default;
virtual ~MerkleTree() = default;
size_t GetNodeSize() const { return hash_list_.GetNodeSize(); }
void SetNodeSize(size_t node_size) { hash_list_.SetNodeSize(); }
// Returns true if |data_off| is aligned to a node boundary.
bool IsAligned(size_t data_off) const { return hash_list_.IsAligned(data_off); }
// Modifies |data_off| and |buf_len| to be aligned to the minimum number of nodes that covered
// their original range.
zx_status_t Align(size_t *data_off, size_t *buf_len) const {
return hash_list_.Align(data_off, buf_len);
// Sets the length of data this hash list will represent. This will allocate all levels of the
// Merkle tree, including the root digest.
zx_status_t SetDataLength(size_t data_len);
// Returns the minimum size needed to hold a Merkle tree for the given |data_len|. The tree
// consists of all the nodes containing the digests of child nodes. It does NOT include the root
// digest, which must be passed to |Verify| after a trust decision has been made. This means that
// when the |data_len| is less than |NodeSize|, this method will return 0.
size_t GetTreeLength();
// Registers |tree| as a Merkle tree for |data_len_| bytes of data, rooted by a digest of given by
// |root|.
zx_status_t SetTree(VP tree, size_t tree_len, VP root, size_t root_len);
// The Merkle tree can be thought of as a singly linked list of HashLists. Each |hash_list_| reads
// data to produce a list of digests, which in turn becomes the data for the |hash_list_| in the
// |next_| layer of the tree, until the last layer, which produces the root digest.
HL hash_list_;
std::unique_ptr<MT> next_;
} // namespace internal
// |digest::MerkleTreeCreator| creates Merkle trees for data.
// Example (without error checking):
// MerkleTreeCreator creator;
// creator.SetDataLength(data_len);
// size_t tree_len = creator.GetTreeLength();
// uint8_t *tree = malloc(tree_len); // or other allocation routine
// uint8_t root[Digest::kLength]; // for storing the resulting root digest
// creator.SetTree(tree, tree_len, root, sizeof(root));
// creator.Append(&data[0], partial_len1);
// creator.Append(&data[partial_len1], partial_len2);
class MerkleTreeCreator
: public internal::MerkleTree<uint8_t, void *, MerkleTreeCreator, HashListCreator> {
// Convenience method to create and return a Merkle tree for the given |data| via |out_tree| and
// |out_root|.
static zx_status_t Create(const void *data, size_t data_len, std::unique_ptr<uint8_t[]> *out_tree,
size_t *out_tree_len, Digest *out_root);
// Reads |buf_len| bytes of data from |buf| and appends digests to the hash |list|.
zx_status_t Append(const void *buf, size_t buf_len);
// |digest::MerkleTreeVerifier| verifies data against a Merkle tree.
// Example (without error checking):
// MerkleTreeVerifier verifier;
// verifier.SetDataLength(data_len);
// verifier.SetTree(tree, tree_len, root.get(), root.len());
// verifier.Align(&data_off, &partial_len);
// return verifier.Verify(&data[data_off], partial_len) == ZX_OK;
class MerkleTreeVerifier : public internal::MerkleTree<const uint8_t, const void *,
MerkleTreeVerifier, HashListVerifier> {
// Convenience method to verify the integrity of the node-aligned |buf| at |data_off| using the
// Merkle |tree| and |root|.
static zx_status_t Verify(const void *buf, size_t buf_len, size_t data_off, size_t data_len,
const void *tree, size_t tree_len, const Digest &root);
// Reads |buf_len| bytes of data from |buf|, calculates digests for each node of data, and
// compares them to the digests stored in the Merkle tree. |data_off| must be node-aligned.
// |buf_len| must be node-aligned, or reach the end of the data. See also |Align|.
zx_status_t Verify(const void *buf, size_t buf_len, size_t data_off);
} // namespace digest