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# Global approvers
# Someone should be a global approver if they commonly make large-scale changes
# across the whole codebase. For example, people who maintain the various
# languages, toolchains, and other build system components often should be
# global approvers. Additionally, the set of global approvers should have good
# coverage across the world to support contributors in every timezone.
# Code reviews should be sent to a global approver if the change manipulates
# the root directory or has broad (typically mechanical) impact across the
# codebase. If the change manipulates a specific part of the codebase, the code
# review should be sent to a more specific approver. Global approvers should
# use their judgement as to when to redirect review requests to more specific
# approvers.
# The list of global approvers will change over time as the set of people
# making large-scale changes evolves over time. Please do not take it
# personally if you are added or removed from this list. This list is not a
# "honor role" of respected contributors. It is a list of people who often make
# certain kinds of changes to the codebase.