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Fuchsia extension for VS Code

This VS Code extension implements the commonly needed functionality for Fuchsia development.

This is a Work In Progress Currently supporting:

  • Interacting with the fuchsia target device.
    • Setting the default target.
    • Sending commands to the target.
  • Debugging C/C++ components.
  • Filtering and listening to target logs.
  • FIDL syntax highlighting

FFX path settings

The FFX tool path can be set under Settings > Extensions > Fuchsia SDK. If this path is not set, the extension will automatically search for it at:

  • ./tools/ffx
  • ./.jiri_root/bin/ffx

Recommended extensions



  • Please report issues/feedback here.

Legal Notice

Use of the Fuchsia core developer tools is subject to the Google Terms of Service. The Google Privacy Policy describes how data is handled in your use of this service.