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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:fidl/fidl.dart';
import 'package:fidl_fuchsia_io/fidl_async.dart' as fidl_io;
import 'package:fidl_fuchsia_sys/fidl_async.dart' as fidl_sys;
import 'package:fuchsia/fuchsia.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:zircon/zircon.dart';
import '../incoming.dart';
import '../outgoing.dart';
import '../startup_context.dart';
/// A concrete implementation of the [StartupContext] interface.
/// This class is not intended to be used directly by authors but instead
/// should be used by the [StartupContext] factory constructor.
class StartupContextImpl implements StartupContext {
static const String _serviceRootPath = '/svc';
/// The [fidl_sys.ServiceProvider] which can be used to connect to the
/// services exposed to the component on launch.
// TODO(MF-167): Remove from this class
final fidl_sys.ServiceProvider environmentServices;
/// Services that are available to this component.
/// These services have been offered to this component by its parent or are
/// ambiently offered by the Component Framework.
final Incoming incoming;
/// Services and data exposed to other components.
/// Use [outgoing] to publish services and data to the component manager and
/// other components.
final Outgoing outgoing;
/// Creates a new instance of [StartupContext].
/// This constructor is rarely used directly. Instead, most clients create a
/// startup context using [StartupContext.fromStartupInfo].
{@required this.incoming,
@required this.outgoing,
: assert(incoming != null),
assert(outgoing != null);
/// Creates a startup context from the process startup info.
/// Returns a cached [StartupContext] instance associated with the currently
/// running component if one was already created.
/// Authors should use this method of obtaining the [StartupContext] instead
/// of instantiating one on their own as it will bind and connect to all the
/// underlying services for them.
factory StartupContextImpl.fromStartupInfo() {
final directoryProxy = fidl_io.DirectoryProxy();
if (Directory(_serviceRootPath).existsSync()) {
final channel = Channel.fromFile(_serviceRootPath);
final directoryProxy = fidl_io.DirectoryProxy()
// Note takeOutgoingServices shouldn't be called more than once per pid
final outgoingServicesHandle = MxStartupInfo.takeOutgoingServices();
final incomingServices = Incoming(directoryProxy);
return StartupContextImpl(
incoming: incomingServices,
outgoing: _getOutgoingFromHandle(outgoingServicesHandle),
environmentServices: _getServiceProvider(incomingServices),
// The following is required to enable host side tests.
return StartupContextImpl(
incoming: Incoming(directoryProxy),
outgoing: Outgoing(),
environmentServices: fidl_sys.ServiceProviderProxy(),
/// Creates a startup context from [fidl_sys.StartupInfo].
/// Typically used for testing or by implementations of [fidl_sys.Runner] to
/// obtain the [StartupContext] for components being run by the runner.
factory StartupContextImpl.from(fidl_sys.StartupInfo startupInfo) {
if (startupInfo == null) {
throw ArgumentError.notNull('startupInfo');
final flat = startupInfo.flatNamespace;
if (flat.paths.length != flat.directories.length) {
throw Exception('The flat namespace in the given fuchsia.sys.StartupInfo '
'[$startupInfo] is misconfigured');
Channel serviceRoot;
for (var i = 0; i < flat.paths.length; ++i) {
if (flat.paths[i] == _serviceRootPath) {
serviceRoot = flat.directories[i];
final dirProxy = fidl_io.DirectoryProxy();
final incomingSvc = Incoming(dirProxy);
Channel dirRequestChannel = startupInfo.launchInfo.directoryRequest;
return StartupContextImpl(
incoming: incomingSvc,
outgoing: _getOutgoingFromChannel(dirRequestChannel),
environmentServices: _getServiceProvider(incomingSvc),
static Outgoing _getOutgoingFromHandle(Handle outgoingServicesHandle) {
if (outgoingServicesHandle == null) {
throw ArgumentError.notNull('outgoingServicesHandle');
final outgoingServices = Outgoing()
return outgoingServices;
static Outgoing _getOutgoingFromChannel(Channel directoryRequestChannel) {
if (directoryRequestChannel == null) {
throw ArgumentError.notNull('directoryRequestChannel');
final outgoingServices = Outgoing()
return outgoingServices;
// TODO(MF-167): Remove from this class
static fidl_sys.ServiceProviderProxy _getServiceProvider(
Incoming incomingServices) {
final environmentProxy = _getEnvironment(incomingServices);
final serviceProviderProxy = fidl_sys.ServiceProviderProxy();
return serviceProviderProxy;
static fidl_sys.EnvironmentProxy _getEnvironment(Incoming incomingServices) {
if (incomingServices == null) {
throw ArgumentError.notNull('incomingServices');
final environmentProxy = fidl_sys.EnvironmentProxy();
return environmentProxy;