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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:ui';
import 'package:flutter/physics.dart';
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
/// The base class for all generic immutable simulations.
abstract class Sim<T> {
/// Construct with given tolerance.
Sim({Tolerance tolerance})
: _tolerance = tolerance ?? Tolerance.defaultTolerance;
/// The output of the object in the simulation at the given time.
T value(double time);
/// The change in value of the object in the simulation at the given time.
T velocity(double time);
/// Whether the simulation is "done" at the given time.
bool isDone(double time);
/// How close to the actual end of the simulation a value at a particular time
/// must be before [isDone] considers the simulation to be "done".
/// A simulation with an asymptotic curve would never technically be "done",
/// but once the difference from the value at a particular time and the
/// asymptote itself could not be seen, it would be pointless to continue. The
/// tolerance defines how to determine if the difference could not be seen.
Tolerance get tolerance => _tolerance;
final Tolerance _tolerance;
String toString() => '$runtimeType';
/// Generates a Sim with given params.
typedef Simulate<T> = Sim<T> Function(T start, T end, T velocity);
// TODO(alangardner): Chaining operations
/// Convenience wrapper for Flutter simulation.
class SimDouble extends Sim<double> {
/// Construct wrapper using a Simulation
SimDouble({@required this.simulation})
: super(tolerance: simulation.tolerance);
/// The Simulation that is wrapped
final Simulation simulation;
double value(double time) => simulation.x(time);
double velocity(double time) => simulation.dx(time);
bool isDone(double time) => simulation.isDone(time);
/// A Simulation that never changes its value.
class StaticSimulation extends Simulation {
/// Constructor with fixed value.
StaticSimulation({@required double value}) : _value = value;
final double _value;
double x(double time) => _value;
double dx(double time) => 0.0;
bool isDone(double time) => true;
/// 2D Sim where each axis is independent of the other
class Independent2DSim extends Sim<Offset> {
/// 2D Sim where the axis are indepenent simulations.
@required this.xSim,
@required this.ySim,
Tolerance tolerance,
}) : super(tolerance: tolerance);
/// Convenience constructor when the simulation is symetric on each axis.
@required Simulation sim,
Tolerance tolerance,
}) : xSim = sim,
ySim = sim,
super(tolerance: tolerance);
/// Convenience constructor when the value is fixed.
Independent2DSim.static({@required Offset value})
: xSim = StaticSimulation(value: value.dx),
ySim = StaticSimulation(value: value.dy);
/// The Simulation used for the x axis.
final Simulation xSim;
/// The Simulation used for the y axis.
final Simulation ySim;
Offset value(double time) => Offset(xSim.x(time), ySim.x(time));
Offset velocity(double time) => Offset(xSim.dx(time), ySim.dx(time));
bool isDone(double time) => xSim.isDone(time) && ySim.isDone(time);
/// Rect Sim with independent size and position simulators.
class IndependentRectSim extends Sim<Rect> {
/// Constructor
@required this.sizeSim,
@required this.positionSim,
FractionalOffset origin,
Tolerance tolerance,
}) : origin = origin ??,
super(tolerance: tolerance);
/// The Size Sim
final Sim<Offset> sizeSim;
/// The Position Sim
final Sim<Offset> positionSim;
/// The Origin of The Rect
final FractionalOffset origin;
Rect value(double time) {
Size size = + sizeSim.value(time);
return (positionSim.value(time) - origin.alongSize(size)) & size;
Rect velocity(double time) =>
positionSim.velocity(time) & ( + sizeSim.velocity(time));
bool isDone(double time) => positionSim.isDone(time) && sizeSim.isDone(time);