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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:collection';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:collection/collection.dart';
import '../document/node_value.dart';
import '../document/value.dart';
import '../sledge_connection_id.dart';
import '../uint8list_ops.dart' as utils;
import 'base_type.dart';
import 'types/map_type.dart';
import 'types/ordered_list_type.dart';
import 'types/pos_neg_counter_type.dart';
import 'types/set_type.dart';
import 'types/trivial_types.dart';
export 'types/map_type.dart';
export 'types/ordered_list_type.dart';
export 'types/pos_neg_counter_type.dart';
export 'types/set_type.dart';
export 'types/trivial_types.dart';
Map<String, BaseType> _buildJsonToTypeMap(List<BaseType> types) {
final map = <String, BaseType>{};
for (final type in types) {
assert(type.toJson() is String);
map[type.toJson()] = type;
return map;
/// Stores the schema of Sledge documents.
class Schema implements BaseType {
// Needs to be an ordered map in order to iterate on the fields in a
// consistent order, regardless of the order they were passed to the
// constructor.
final SplayTreeMap<String, BaseType> _schemaDescription;
static final Map<String, BaseType> _jsonToType =
new Boolean(),
new Integer(),
new Double(),
new LastOneWinsString(),
new LastOneWinsUint8List(),
new IntCounter(),
new DoubleCounter(),
new BytelistMap(),
new BytelistSet(),
new OrderedList()
static const _listEquality = const ListEquality();
/// The length of the hash of Schema, as returned by the hash getter.
static const int hashLength = 20;
/// Default constructor. Note that the values of the map can be other
/// schemas.
/// Throws an error if a field's name contains the '.' character.
Schema(Map<String, BaseType> schemaDescription)
: _schemaDescription = new SplayTreeMap.from(schemaDescription) {
_schemaDescription.forEach((String name, dynamic value) {
if (name.contains('.')) {
throw new ArgumentError(
'The field `$name` must not contain the `.` character.');
/// Builds a Schema from a JSON object.
Schema.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> map)
: _schemaDescription = new SplayTreeMap<String, BaseType>() {
map.forEach((String name, dynamic value) {
BaseType type;
if (value is Map) {
type = new Schema.fromJson(value);
} else if (value is String) {
type = _baseTypeFromString(value);
} else {
throw new ArgumentError('Invalid JSON.');
_schemaDescription[name] = type;
Map<String, dynamic> toJson() =>
new SplayTreeMap<String, dynamic>.from(_schemaDescription);
Value newValue(ConnectionId id) {
return new NodeValue(_schemaDescription, id);
/// Returns a description of the schema.
Map<String, BaseType> get schemaDescription {
return _schemaDescription;
/// Returns the type of the field stored at the given field path.
/// Returns null if the field path does not match any field.
/// A field path is a concatenation of field names that fully identify
/// a field.
/// # Example:
/// Given the schema X, and the schema Y that embeds X:
/// X : { 'a' : String }
/// Y : { 'b' : X , 'c' : String}
/// The valid field paths of Y are:
/// 'b.a', 'c'
BaseType fieldAtPath(String fieldPath) {
if (fieldPath == null) {
return null;
final indexOfFirstPeriod = fieldPath.indexOf('.');
if (indexOfFirstPeriod == -1) {
// The path contains a single field name.
return _schemaDescription[fieldPath];
} else {
// The path contains multiple field names.
// The code extracts the top most field name, verifies that it points
// to an other Schema, and calls `fieldAtPath` again on the new Schema.
final topLevelFieldName = fieldPath.substring(0, indexOfFirstPeriod);
final fieldType = _schemaDescription[topLevelFieldName];
if (fieldType is Schema) {
Schema subSchema = fieldType;
final subPath = fieldPath.substring(indexOfFirstPeriod + 1);
return subSchema.fieldAtPath(subPath);
} else {
return null;
/// Returns a 20 byte hash of the schema.
Uint8List get hash {
// TODO: Compute a hash not based on the JSON representation.
String jsonString = json.encode(this);
Uint8List bytes = utf8.encode(jsonString);
Uint8List digest = utils.hash(bytes);
assert(digest.length == hashLength);
return digest;
static BaseType _baseTypeFromString(String typeName) {
if (!_jsonToType.containsKey(typeName)) {
throw new ArgumentError('Unknown type.');
return _jsonToType[typeName];
bool operator ==(dynamic other) {
return other is Schema && _listEquality.equals(other.hash, hash);
int get hashCode => hash.hashCode;