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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package tokenizer
import "fmt"
// Iterator iterates over a stream of tokens. This provides the core functionality for a
// TokenStream.
type iterator interface {
Next() Token
Peek() Token
Raw() *rawIterator
// NewTokenStream creates a stream of Token values read from input.
func NewTokenStream(input []byte) *TokenStream {
return &TokenStream{
iter: &noSpacesIterator{
raw: &rawIterator{
stream: Tokenize(input),
// TokenStream is a read-only queue of Token values. The next Token in the stream can be
// consumed by calling Next(). The next token can be inspected without being consumed by
// calling Peek(). By default, TokenStream discards whitespace characters as though they
// are not part of the stream. Use Raw get a TokenStream that respects whitespace.
type TokenStream struct {
iter iterator
// Next consumes the next token in the stream.
func (s *TokenStream) Next() Token {
return s.iter.Next()
// Peek returns a read-only copy of the next token in the stream, without consuming it.
func (s *TokenStream) Peek() Token {
return s.iter.Peek()
// Raw returns a TokenStream that includes whitespace characters.
func (s *TokenStream) Raw() *TokenStream {
return &TokenStream{iter: s.iter.Raw()}
// Eat consumes the next token from the stream iff it's type matches typ. If the types
// are different, an error is returned.
func (s *TokenStream) Eat(typ TokenType) error {
token := s.iter.Peek()
if token.Type != typ {
return fmt.Errorf("unexpected token: %q", token.Type)
return nil
// ConcatUntil concatenates the values of the next tokens in this stream as long as their
// types are not anyOf. TypeEOF is implied and need not be specified. Returns the
// contatenated output with outer spaces trimmed.
func (s *TokenStream) ConcatUntil(anyOf ...TokenType) string {
var values string
stopAtType := map[TokenType]bool{TypeEOF: true}
for i := range anyOf {
stopAtType[anyOf[i]] = true
for !stopAtType[s.iter.Peek().Type] {
values += s.iter.Next().Value
return values