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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
var (
// The path to the Fuchsia build directory root.
buildDir string
// The filepath to write output to. If unspecified, stdout is used.
outputFile string
// The mode in which to run the testsharder.
mode testsharder.Mode = testsharder.Normal
// Tags are keys on which to filter environments, which are labeled.
tags command.StringsFlag
// The path to the json manifest file containing the tests to mutiply.
multipliersPath string
// Maximum number of tests per shard.
maxShardSize int
func usage() {
fmt.Printf(`testsharder [flags]
Shards tests produced by a build.
For more information on the modes in which the testsharder may be run, see
func init() {
flag.StringVar(&buildDir, "build-dir", "", "path to the fuchsia build directory root (required)")
flag.StringVar(&outputFile, "output-file", "", "path to a file which will contain the shards as JSON, default is stdout")
flag.Var(&mode, "mode", "mode in which to run the testsharder (e.g., normal or restricted).")
flag.Var(&tags, "tag", "environment tags on which to filter; only the tests that match all tags will be sharded")
flag.StringVar(&multipliersPath, "multipliers", "", "path to the json manifest containing tests to multiply")
flag.IntVar(&maxShardSize, "max-shard-size", 0, "maximum number of tests per shard. If <= 0, will be ignored. Otherwise, tests will be placed into more, smaller shards")
flag.Usage = usage
func main() {
if buildDir == "" {
log.Fatal("must specify a Fuchsia build output directory")
specs, err := testsharder.LoadTestSpecs(buildDir)
if err != nil {
platforms, err := testsharder.LoadPlatforms(buildDir)
if err != nil {
// Verify that the produced specs specify valid test environments.
if err = testsharder.ValidateTestSpecs(specs, platforms); err != nil {
// Create shards and write them to an output file if specifed, else stdout.
shards := testsharder.MakeShards(specs, mode, tags)
if multipliersPath != "" {
multipliers, err := testsharder.LoadTestModifiers(multipliersPath)
if err != nil {
shards = testsharder.MultiplyShards(shards, multipliers)
shards = testsharder.WithMaxSize(shards, maxShardSize)
f := os.Stdout
if outputFile != "" {
var err error
f, err = os.Create(outputFile)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf("unable to create %s: %v", outputFile, err)
defer f.Close()
encoder := json.NewEncoder(f)
encoder.SetIndent("", " ")
if err := encoder.Encode(&shards); err != nil {
log.Fatal("failed to encode shards: ", err)