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YASM licensing overview and summary
Note: This document does not provide legal advice nor is it the actual license
of any part of YASM. See the individual licenses for complete details.
Consult a laywer for legal advice.
The primary license of YASM is the 2-clause BSD license. Please use this
license if you plan on submitting code to the project.
Libyasm is 2-clause or 3-clause BSD licensed, with the exception of bitvect,
which is triple-licensed under the Artistic license, GPL, and LGPL. Libyasm
is thus GPL and LGPL compatible. In addition, this also means that libyasm
is free for binary-only distribution as long as the terms of the 3-clause BSD
license and Artistic license (as it applies to bitvect) are fulfilled.
Most of the modules are 2-clause BSD licensed, with the exception of:
preprocs/nasm - LGPL licensed
The frontends are 2-clause BSD licensed.
License Texts
The full text of all licenses are provided in separate files in this
distribution. Each file may include the entire license (in the case of the BSD
and Artistic licenses), or may reference the GPL or LGPL license file.
BSD.txt - 2-clause and 3-clause BSD licenses
Artistic.txt - Artistic license
GNU_GPL-2.0 - GNU General Public License
GNU_LGPL-2.0 - GNU Library General Public License