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.\" Title: yasm_parsers
.\" Author: Peter Johnson <>
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.\" Date: October 2006
.\" Manual: Yasm Supported Parsers
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yasm_parsers \- Yasm Supported Parsers (Assembler Syntaxes)
.HP \w'\fByasm\fR\ 'u
\fByasm\fR \fB\-p\ \fR\fB\fIparser\fR\fR [\fB\-r\ \fR\fB\fIpreproc\fR\fR] \fB\fI\&.\&.\&.\fR\fR
The standard Yasm distribution includes a number of modules for different parsers (assembler syntaxes)\&.
The parser is selected on the
command line by use of the
\fB\-p \fR\fB\fIparser\fR\fR
command line option\&.
NASM syntax, selected with
\fB\-p nasm\fR, is the most full\-featured syntax supported by Yasm\&. Yasm is nearly 100% compatible with NASM for 16\-bit and 32\-bit x86 code\&. Yasm additionally supports 64\-bit AMD64 code with Yasm extensions to the NASM syntax; see
for details\&. NASM syntax is the Yasm default\&.
The GNU Assembler (GAS) is the de\-facto cross\-platform assembler for modern Unix systems, and is used as the backend for the GCC compiler\&. Yasm\'s support for GAS syntax is moderately good, although immature: not all directives are supported, and only 32\-bit x86 and AMD64 architectures are supported\&. Nearly all of the GAS preprocessor is also supported\&. Yasm\'s GAS syntax support is good enough to handle essentially all x86 and AMD64 GCC compiler output\&. The GAS parser can be selected with
\fB\-p gas\fR\&.
\fBPeter Johnson\fR <\&peter@tortall\&.net\&>
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Copyright \(co 2006 Peter Johnson