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XZ Utils Release Notes
5.0.5 (2013-06-30)
* lzmadec and liblzma's lzma_alone_decoder(): Support decompressing
.lzma files that have less common settings in the headers
(dictionary size other than 2^n or 2^n + 2^(n-1), or uncompressed
size greater than 256 GiB). The limitations existed to avoid false
positives when detecting .lzma files. The lc + lp <= 4 limitation
still remains since liblzma's LZMA decoder has that limitation.
NOTE: xz's .lzma support or liblzma's lzma_auto_decoder() are NOT
affected by this change. They still consider uncommon .lzma headers
as not being in the .lzma format. Changing this would give way too
many false positives.
* xz:
- Interaction of preset and custom filter chain options was
made less illogical. This affects only certain less typical
uses cases so few people are expected to notice this change.
Now when a custom filter chain option (e.g. --lzma2) is
specified, all preset options (-0 ... -9, -e) earlier are on
the command line are completely forgotten. Similarly, when
a preset option is specified, all custom filter chain options
earlier on the command line are completely forgotten.
Example 1: "xz -9 --lzma2=preset=5 -e" is equivalent to "xz -e"
which is equivalent to "xz -6e". Earlier -e didn't put xz back
into preset mode and thus the example command was equivalent
to "xz --lzma2=preset=5".
Example 2: "xz -9e --lzma2=preset=5 -7" is equivalent to
"xz -7". Earlier a custom filter chain option didn't make
xz forget the -e option so the example was equivalent to
"xz -7e".
- Fixes and improvements to error handling.
- Various fixes to the man page.
* xzless: Fixed to work with "less" versions 448 and later.
* xzgrep: Made -h an alias for --no-filename.
* Include the previously missing debug/translation.bash which can
be useful for translators.
* Include a build script for Mac OS X. This has been in the Git
repository since 2010 but due to a mistake in the
script hasn't been included in a release tarball before.
5.0.4 (2012-06-22)
* liblzma:
- Fix lzma_index_init(). It could crash if memory allocation
- Fix the possibility of an incorrect LZMA_BUF_ERROR when a BCJ
filter is used and the application only provides exactly as
much output space as is the uncompressed size of the file.
- Fix a bug in doc/examples_old/xz_pipe_decompress.c. It didn't
check if the last call to lzma_code() really returned
LZMA_STREAM_END, which made the program think that truncated
files are valid.
- New example programs in doc/examples (old programs are now in
doc/examples_old). These have more comments and more detailed
error handling.
* Fix "xz -lvv foo.xz". It could crash on some corrupted files.
* Fix output of "xz --robot -lv" and "xz --robot -lvv" which
incorrectly printed the filename also in the "foo (x/x)" format.
* Fix exit status of "xzdiff foo.xz bar.xz".
* Fix exit status of "xzgrep foo binary_file".
* Fix portability to EBCDIC systems.
* Fix a configure issue on AIX with the XL C compiler. See INSTALL
for details.
* Update French, German, Italian, and Polish translations.
5.0.3 (2011-05-21)
* liblzma fixes:
- A memory leak was fixed.
- lzma_stream_buffer_encode() no longer creates an empty .xz
Block if encoding an empty buffer. Such an empty Block with
LZMA2 data would trigger a bug in 5.0.1 and older (see the
first bullet point in 5.0.2 notes). When releasing 5.0.2,
I thought that no encoder creates this kind of files but
I was wrong.
- Validate function arguments better in a few functions. Most
importantly, specifying an unsupported integrity check to
lzma_stream_buffer_encode() no longer creates a corrupt .xz
file. Probably no application tries to do that, so this
shouldn't be a big problem in practice.
- Document that lzma_block_buffer_encode(),
lzma_easy_buffer_encode(), lzma_stream_encoder(), and
lzma_stream_buffer_encode() may return LZMA_UNSUPPORTED_CHECK.
- The return values of the _memusage() functions are now
documented better.
* Fix command name detection in xzgrep. xzegrep and xzfgrep now
correctly use egrep and fgrep instead of grep.
* French translation was added.
5.0.2 (2011-04-01)
* LZMA2 decompressor now correctly accepts LZMA2 streams with no
uncompressed data. Previously it considered them corrupt. The
bug can affect applications that use raw LZMA2 streams. It is
very unlikely to affect .xz files because no compressor creates
.xz files with empty LZMA2 streams. (Empty .xz files are a
different thing than empty LZMA2 streams.)
* "xz" now refuses to compress the
file due to it already having the suffix .foo. It was already
documented on the man page, but the code lacked the test.
* "xzgrep -l foo bar.xz" works now.
* Polish translation was added.
5.0.1 (2011-01-29)
* xz --force now (de)compresses files that have setuid, setgid,
or sticky bit set and files that have multiple hard links.
The man page had it documented this way already, but the code
had a bug.
* gzip and bzip2 support in xzdiff was fixed.
* Portability fixes
* Minor fix to Czech translation
5.0.0 (2010-10-23)
Only the most important changes compared to 4.999.9beta are listed
here. One change is especially important:
* The memory usage limit is now disabled by default. Some scripts
written before this change may have used --memory=max on xz command
line or in XZ_OPT. THESE USES OF --memory=max SHOULD BE REMOVED
NOW, because they interfere with user's ability to set the memory
usage limit himself. If user-specified limit causes problems to
your script, blame the user.
Other significant changes:
* Added support for XZ_DEFAULTS environment variable. This variable
allows users to set default options for xz, e.g. default memory
usage limit or default compression level. Scripts that use xz
must never set or unset XZ_DEFAULTS. Scripts should use XZ_OPT
instead if they need a way to pass options to xz via an
environment variable.
* The compression settings associated with the preset levels
-0 ... -9 have been changed. --extreme was changed a little too.
It is now less likely to make compression worse, but with some
files the new --extreme may compress slightly worse than the old
* If a preset level (-0 ... -9) is specified after a custom filter
chain options have been used (e.g. --lzma2), the custom filter
chain will be forgotten. Earlier the preset options were
completely ignored after custom filter chain options had been
* xz will create sparse files when decompressing if the uncompressed
data contains long sequences of binary zeros. This is done even
when writing to standard output that is connected to a regular
file and certain additional conditions are met to make it safe.
* Support for "xz --list" was added. Combine with --verbose or
--verbose --verbose (-vv) for detailed output.
* I had hoped that liblzma API would have been stable after
4.999.9beta, but there have been a couple of changes in the
advanced features, which don't affect most applications:
- Index handling code was revised. If you were using the old
API, you will get a compiler error (so it's easy to notice).
- A subtle but important change was made to the Block handling
API. lzma_block.version has to be initialized even for
lzma_block_header_decode(). Code that doesn't do it will work
for now, but might break in the future, which makes this API
change easy to miss.
* The major soname has been bumped to 5.0.0. liblzma API and ABI
are now stable, so the need to recompile programs linking against
liblzma shouldn't arise soon.