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/// \file lzma_encoder.h
/// \brief LZMA encoder API
// Authors: Igor Pavlov
// Lasse Collin
// This file has been put into the public domain.
// You can do whatever you want with this file.
#include "common.h"
typedef struct lzma_lzma1_encoder_s lzma_lzma1_encoder;
extern lzma_ret lzma_lzma_encoder_init(lzma_next_coder *next,
const lzma_allocator *allocator,
const lzma_filter_info *filters);
extern uint64_t lzma_lzma_encoder_memusage(const void *options);
extern lzma_ret lzma_lzma_props_encode(const void *options, uint8_t *out);
/// Encodes lc/lp/pb into one byte. Returns false on success and true on error.
extern bool lzma_lzma_lclppb_encode(
const lzma_options_lzma *options, uint8_t *byte);
/// Initializes raw LZMA encoder; this is used by LZMA2.
extern lzma_ret lzma_lzma_encoder_create(
void **coder_ptr, const lzma_allocator *allocator,
const lzma_options_lzma *options, lzma_lz_options *lz_options);
/// Resets an already initialized LZMA encoder; this is used by LZMA2.
extern lzma_ret lzma_lzma_encoder_reset(
lzma_lzma1_encoder *coder, const lzma_options_lzma *options);
extern lzma_ret lzma_lzma_encode(lzma_lzma1_encoder *restrict coder,
lzma_mf *restrict mf, uint8_t *restrict out,
size_t *restrict out_pos, size_t out_size,
uint32_t read_limit);