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Building XZ Utils with Microsoft Visual Studio
MSVC 2013 update 2 and later have enough C99 support to build
liblzma from XZ Utils 5.2.0 and later without modifications.
Older MSVC versions would require a large number of changes to
the XZ Utils code and thus the old MSVC versions aren't supported.
As of 2015-06-19, some work has been done to get xz.exe and other
command line tools built with MSVC, but it's not complete enough
to be included in XZ Utils.
The following files in this directory are for MSVC:
config.h liblzma configuration #defines for MSVC.
liblzma.vcxproj This builds static liblzma.
liblzma_dll.vcxproj This builds liblzma.dll.
xz_win.sln Solution using the above project files.
The projects have x86 and x86-64 platform configurations, as well
as a Debug, Release, and ReleaseMT configuration -- MT is the
compiler switch to link to the CRT statically, so it will not
have any other DLL dependencies.
Currently no test programs are built or run under MSVC.
MSVC gives a bunch of compiler warnings. Some warnings are specific
to 32-bit or 64-bit build and some appear for both builds. These
are known and shouldn't be a problem. Some of them will probably
be fixed in the future.
liblzma API headers declare the functions with __declspec(dllimport)
by default. To avoid this when using static liblzma from your code,
#define LZMA_API_STATIC before #including <lzma.h>.