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// Copyright 2017 The Wuffs Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// --------
// Quirks are discussed in (/doc/note/
// The base38 encoding of "gif " is 0x0F_8586. Left shifting by 10 gives
// 0x3E16_1800.
pri const QUIRKS_BASE : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800
// --------
// When this quirk is enabled, when skipping over frames, the number of frames
// visited isn't incremented when the last byte of the N'th frame is seen.
// Instead, it is incremented when the first byte of the N+1'th frame's header
// is seen. There may be zero or more GIF extensions between the N'th frame's
// payload and the N+1'th frame's header.
// For a well-formed GIF, this won't have much effect. For a malformed GIF,
// this can affect the number of valid frames, if there is an error detected in
// the extensions between one frame's payload and the next frame's header.
// Some other GIF decoders don't register the N'th frame as complete until they
// see the N+1'th frame's header (or the end-of-animation terminator), so that
// e.g. the API for visiting the N'th frame can also return whether it's the
// final frame. Enabling this quirk allows for matching that behavior.
pub const QUIRK_DELAY_NUM_DECODED_FRAMES : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x00
// When this quirk is enabled, the background color of the first frame is set
// to black whenever that first frame has a local (frame-specific) palette.
// That black can be either opaque black or transparent black, depending on
// whether or not that first frame is opaque: whether that local palette
// contains a transparent color.
// This has no effect unless QUIRK_HONOR_BACKGROUND_COLOR is also enabled.
// There isn't really much of a rationale for this, other than it matches the
// behavior of another GIF implementation.
pub const QUIRK_FIRST_FRAME_LOCAL_PALETTE_MEANS_BLACK_BACKGROUND : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x01
// When this quirk is enabled, the background color is taken from the GIF
// instead of always being transparent black. If the background color index in
// the GIF header is non-zero but less than the global palette's size, the
// global background color is that global palette's entry. Otherwise, it is
// opaque black. A frame's background color is transparent if the frame palette
// contains a transparent color. Otherwise, it is the global background color.
// Note that different frames can have different background colors.
// Specifically, if the initial frame bounds is smaller than the image bounds,
// those pixels outside the initial frame bounds are assumed to start as that
// frame background color. The frame background color should also be used when
// cases, the caller of Wuffs, not Wuffs itself, is responsible for filling the
// pixel buffer with that color.
pub const QUIRK_HONOR_BACKGROUND_COLOR : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x02
// When this quirk is enabled, silently ignore e.g. a frame that reports a
// width and height of 6 pixels each, followed by 50 pixel values. In that
// case, we process the first 36 pixel values and discard the excess 14.
pub const QUIRK_IGNORE_TOO_MUCH_PIXEL_DATA : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x03
// When this quirk is enabled, if the initial frame bounds extends beyond the
// image bounds, then the image bounds stay unchanged. By default (with this
// quirk disabled), the image bounds are adjusted to always contain the first
// frame's bounds (but not necessarily subsequent frame's bounds).
// For more discussion, see
pub const QUIRK_IMAGE_BOUNDS_ARE_STRICT : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x04
// When this quirk is enabled, a frame with zero width or height is rejected
// during decode_frame (but accepted during decode_frame_config).
pub const QUIRK_REJECT_EMPTY_FRAME : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x05
// When this quirk is enabled, a frame with no explicit palette is rejected,
// instead of implicitly having a palette with every entry being opaque black.
pub const QUIRK_REJECT_EMPTY_PALETTE : base.u32 = 0x3E16_1800 | 0x06
pri const QUIRKS_COUNT : base.u32 = 0x07