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# This file maps file formats to file extensions, and specifically, to a set of
# files used to seed fuzz testing.
# The map is often trivial. For example, the "gif" implementation is tested on
# files matching "*.gif". However, for some formats, the format name and the
# conventional file extension differ, such as "gzip" and "gz". There may also
# be multiple file extensions: both "jpeg" and "jpg" are widely used. First
# party test data will usually use "jpeg", but third party test data, such as a
# web crawl sample, may use "jpg".
# This file is not used by Wuffs per se, but it is used by the "projects/wuffs"
# directory in the repository.
gif: test/data/*.gif test/data/artificial/*.gif
gzip: test/data/*.gz test/data/artificial/*.gz
zlib: test/data/*.zlib