Add some built-in statuses
diff --git a/lang/builtin/builtin.go b/lang/builtin/builtin.go
index c30e2ea..8ec2a1d 100644
--- a/lang/builtin/builtin.go
+++ b/lang/builtin/builtin.go
@@ -27,12 +27,14 @@
 var Statuses = [...]string{
 	// Warnings.
 	`"@end of data"`,
+	`"@metadata reported"`,
 	// Suspensions.
 	`"$short read"`,
 	`"$short write"`,
 	// Errors.
+	`"#bad I/O position"`,
 	`"#bad argument (length too short)"`,
 	`"#bad argument"`,
 	`"#bad call sequence"`,
diff --git a/release/c/wuffs-unsupported-snapshot.c b/release/c/wuffs-unsupported-snapshot.c
index 03431b6..959ea16 100644
--- a/release/c/wuffs-unsupported-snapshot.c
+++ b/release/c/wuffs-unsupported-snapshot.c
@@ -191,8 +191,10 @@
 typedef const char* wuffs_base__status;
 extern const char* wuffs_base__warning__end_of_data;
+extern const char* wuffs_base__warning__metadata_reported;
 extern const char* wuffs_base__suspension__short_read;
 extern const char* wuffs_base__suspension__short_write;
+extern const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_i_o_position;
 extern const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_argument_length_too_short;
 extern const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_argument;
 extern const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_call_sequence;
@@ -4656,8 +4658,10 @@
 const char* wuffs_base__warning__end_of_data = "@base: end of data";
+const char* wuffs_base__warning__metadata_reported = "@base: metadata reported";
 const char* wuffs_base__suspension__short_read = "$base: short read";
 const char* wuffs_base__suspension__short_write = "$base: short write";
+const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_i_o_position = "#base: bad I/O position";
 const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_argument_length_too_short =
     "#base: bad argument (length too short)";
 const char* wuffs_base__error__bad_argument = "#base: bad argument";