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$title = "Running WebKit";
<h2>Running WebKit</h2>
<li><p>Type this command to run Safari with the WebKit you built:</p>
<p class="code">WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts/run-safari</p>
<p>Use the <tt>--debug</tt> option for a debug build:</p>
<p class="code">WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts/run-safari --debug</p>
<div class="mac-instructions">
<h4>Mac OS X</h4>
<p>The <tt>run-safari</tt> script sets the <tt>DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH</tt> environment variable to point to your build products,
and then launches /Applications/ <tt>DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH</tt> tells the system loader to prefer your build products over the frameworks installed in /System/Library/Frameworks.</p>
<div class="windows-instructions">
<p>The <tt>run-safari</tt> script launches the Safari executable with the <tt>/frameworkPath</tt> command line switch set to point to your build products. The <tt>/debug</tt> command line switch will be set if you pass --debug to run-safari.</p>
<p>It's handy to put <tt>WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts</tt> in your shell path so you can type commands like <tt>run-safari</tt> without specifying a full path.</p>