loader: Fix a 1.0/1.1 versioning bug

Fix a bug where when mixing a 1.0 and a 1.1 driver, if the loader
stores the 1.0 driver first, the apiVersion field in vkCreateInstance
will be rewritten to 1.0 for both drivers. Now it will only be
changed for the 1.0 driver, as intended.

Change-Id: I9e7c5e0b0b7c0eb660082319dcddd9e8ef8adc61
diff --git a/loader/loader.c b/loader/loader.c
index d5a0f45..7298c67 100644
--- a/loader/loader.c
+++ b/loader/loader.c
@@ -5177,6 +5177,8 @@
         // If any error happens after here, we need to remove the ICD from the list,
         // because we've already added it, but haven't validated it
+        // Make sure that we reset the pApplicationInfo so we don't get an old pointer
+        icd_create_info.pApplicationInfo = pCreateInfo->pApplicationInfo;
         icd_create_info.enabledExtensionCount = 0;
         struct loader_extension_list icd_exts;