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* drawElements Quality Program Tester Core
* ----------------------------------------
* Copyright 2014 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* \file
* \brief Command line parsing.
#include "tcuDefs.hpp"
#include "deCommandLine.hpp"
#include "deUniquePtr.hpp"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <istream>
namespace tcu
* \brief Run mode tells whether the test program should run the tests or
* dump out metadata about the tests.
enum RunMode
RUNMODE_EXECUTE = 0, //! Test program executes the tests.
RUNMODE_DUMP_XML_CASELIST, //! Test program dumps the list of contained test cases in XML format.
RUNMODE_DUMP_TEXT_CASELIST, //! Test program dumps the list of contained test cases in plain-text format.
RUNMODE_DUMP_STDOUT_CASELIST, //! Test program dumps the list of contained test cases in plain-text format into stdout.
* \brief Should graphical tests show rendering results on screen.
enum WindowVisibility
* \brief The type of rendering surface the tests should be executed on.
enum SurfaceType
SURFACETYPE_WINDOW = 0, //!< Native window.
SURFACETYPE_OFFSCREEN_NATIVE, //!< Native offscreen surface, such as pixmap.
SURFACETYPE_OFFSCREEN_GENERIC, //!< Generic offscreen surface, such as pbuffer.
SURFACETYPE_FBO, //!< Framebuffer object.
* \brief Screen rotation, always to clockwise direction.
enum ScreenRotation
SCREENROTATION_UNSPECIFIED, //!< Use default / current orientation.
SCREENROTATION_0, //!< Set rotation to 0 degrees from baseline.
class CaseTreeNode;
class CasePaths;
class Archive;
class CaseListFilter
CaseListFilter (const de::cmdline::CommandLine& cmdLine, const tcu::Archive& archive);
CaseListFilter (void);
~CaseListFilter (void);
//! Check if test group is in supplied test case list.
bool checkTestGroupName (const char* groupName) const;
//! Check if test case is in supplied test case list.
bool checkTestCaseName (const char* caseName) const;
CaseListFilter (const CaseListFilter&); // not allowed!
CaseListFilter& operator= (const CaseListFilter&); // not allowed!
CaseTreeNode* m_caseTree;
de::MovePtr<const CasePaths> m_casePaths;
* \brief Test command line
* CommandLine handles argument parsing and provides convinience functions
* for querying test parameters.
class CommandLine
CommandLine (void);
CommandLine (int argc, const char* const* argv);
explicit CommandLine (const std::string& cmdLine);
~CommandLine (void);
bool parse (int argc, const char* const* argv);
bool parse (const std::string& cmdLine);
//! Get log file name (--deqp-log-filename)
const char* getLogFileName (void) const;
//! Get logging flags
deUint32 getLogFlags (void) const;
//! Get run mode (--deqp-runmode)
RunMode getRunMode (void) const;
//! Get caselist dump target file pattern (--deqp-caselist-export-file)
const char* getCaseListExportFile (void) const;
//! Get default window visibility (--deqp-visibility)
WindowVisibility getVisibility (void) const;
//! Get watchdog enable status (--deqp-watchdog)
bool isWatchDogEnabled (void) const;
//! Get crash handling enable status (--deqp-crashhandler)
bool isCrashHandlingEnabled (void) const;
//! Get base seed for randomization (--deqp-base-seed)
int getBaseSeed (void) const;
//! Get test iteration count (--deqp-test-iteration-count)
int getTestIterationCount (void) const;
//! Get rendering target width (--deqp-surface-width)
int getSurfaceWidth (void) const;
//! Get rendering target height (--deqp-surface-height)
int getSurfaceHeight (void) const;
//! Get rendering taget type (--deqp-surface-type)
SurfaceType getSurfaceType (void) const;
//! Get screen rotation (--deqp-screen-rotation)
ScreenRotation getScreenRotation (void) const;
//! Get GL context factory name (--deqp-gl-context-type)
const char* getGLContextType (void) const;
//! Get GL config ID (--deqp-gl-config-id)
int getGLConfigId (void) const;
//! Get GL config name (--deqp-gl-config-name)
const char* getGLConfigName (void) const;
//! Get GL context flags (--deqp-gl-context-flags)
const char* getGLContextFlags (void) const;
//! Get OpenCL platform ID (--deqp-cl-platform-id)
int getCLPlatformId (void) const;
//! Get OpenCL device IDs (--deqp-cl-device-ids)
void getCLDeviceIds (std::vector<int>& deviceIds) const { deviceIds = getCLDeviceIds(); }
const std::vector<int>& getCLDeviceIds (void) const;
//! Get extra OpenCL program build options (--deqp-cl-build-options)
const char* getCLBuildOptions (void) const;
//! Get EGL native display factory (--deqp-egl-display-type)
const char* getEGLDisplayType (void) const;
//! Get EGL native window factory (--deqp-egl-window-type)
const char* getEGLWindowType (void) const;
//! Get EGL native pixmap factory (--deqp-egl-pixmap-type)
const char* getEGLPixmapType (void) const;
//! Get Vulkan device ID (--deqp-vk-device-id)
int getVKDeviceId (void) const;
//! Get Vulkan device group ID (--deqp-vk-device-group-id)
int getVKDeviceGroupId (void) const;
//! Enable development-time test case validation checks
bool isValidationEnabled (void) const;
//! Should we run tests that exhaust memory (--deqp-test-oom)
bool isOutOfMemoryTestEnabled (void) const;
//! Should the shader cache be enabled (--deqp-shadercache)
bool isShadercacheEnabled (void) const;
//! Get the filename for shader cache (--deqp-shadercache-filename)
const char* getShaderCacheFilename (void) const;
//! Should the shader cache be truncated before run (--deqp-shadercache-truncate)
bool isShaderCacheTruncateEnabled (void) const;
//! Get shader optimization recipe (--deqp-optimization-recipe)
int getOptimizationRecipe (void) const;
//! Enable optimizing of spir-v (--deqp-optimize-spirv)
bool isSpirvOptimizationEnabled (void) const;
//! Enable RenderDoc frame markers (--deqp-renderdoc)
bool isRenderDocEnabled (void) const;
* \brief Creates case list filter
* \param archive Resources
* Creates case list filter based on one of the following parameters:
* --deqp-case
* --deqp-caselist
* --deqp-caselist-file
* --deqp-caselist-resource
* --deqp-stdin-caselist
* Throws std::invalid_argument if parsing fails.
de::MovePtr<CaseListFilter> createCaseListFilter (const tcu::Archive& archive) const;
const de::cmdline::CommandLine& getCommandLine (void) const;
CommandLine (const CommandLine&); // not allowed!
CommandLine& operator= (const CommandLine&); // not allowed!
void clear (void);
virtual void registerExtendedOptions (de::cmdline::Parser& parser);
de::cmdline::CommandLine m_cmdLine;
deUint32 m_logFlags;
} // tcu