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* drawElements Internal Test Module
* ---------------------------------
* Copyright 2014 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* \file
* \brief Seed builder tests.
#include "ditSeedBuilderTests.hpp"
#include "tcuTestLog.hpp"
#include "tcuVector.hpp"
#include "tcuSeedBuilder.hpp"
using tcu::IVec2;
using tcu::IVec3;
using tcu::IVec4;
using tcu::TestLog;
namespace dit
template<class T>
class SeedBuilderTest : public tcu::TestCase
SeedBuilderTest (tcu::TestContext& testCtx, const T& value, deUint32 seed, const char* name, const char* description)
: tcu::TestCase (testCtx, name, description)
, m_value (value)
, m_seed (seed)
IterateResult iterate (void)
TestLog& log = m_testCtx.getLog();
tcu::SeedBuilder builder;
builder << m_value;
log << TestLog::Message << "Value: " << m_value << TestLog::EndMessage;
log << TestLog::Message << "Expected seed: " << m_seed << TestLog::EndMessage;
log << TestLog::Message << "Got seed: " << builder.get() << TestLog::EndMessage;
if (builder.get() != m_seed)
m_testCtx.setTestResult(QP_TEST_RESULT_FAIL, "Got invalid seed");
m_testCtx.setTestResult(QP_TEST_RESULT_PASS, "Pass");
return STOP;
T m_value;
deUint32 m_seed;
class SeedBuilderMultipleValuesTest : public tcu::TestCase
SeedBuilderMultipleValuesTest (tcu::TestContext& testCtx)
: tcu::TestCase(testCtx, "multiple_values", "Test that multiple values all change the seed.")
IterateResult iterate (void)
TestLog& log = m_testCtx.getLog();
const deUint32 a = 77740203u;
const deUint32 b = 3830824200u;
tcu::SeedBuilder builderA;
tcu::SeedBuilder builderB;
tcu::SeedBuilder builderAB;
builderA << a;
builderB << b;
builderAB << a << b;
log << TestLog::Message << "Value a: " << a << ", Seed a: " << builderA.get() << TestLog::EndMessage;
log << TestLog::Message << "Value b: " << b << ", Seed b: " << builderB.get() << TestLog::EndMessage;
log << TestLog::Message << "Seed ab: " << builderAB.get() << TestLog::EndMessage;
if (builderA.get() == builderAB.get())
m_testCtx.setTestResult(QP_TEST_RESULT_FAIL, "Seed seems to only depends on first value.");
else if (builderB.get() == builderAB.get())
m_testCtx.setTestResult(QP_TEST_RESULT_FAIL, "Seed seems to only depends on second value.");
m_testCtx.setTestResult(QP_TEST_RESULT_PASS, "Pass");
return STOP;
class SeedBuilderTests : public tcu::TestCaseGroup
SeedBuilderTests (tcu::TestContext& testCtx)
: tcu::TestCaseGroup(testCtx, "seed_builder", "Seed builder tests.")
void init (void)
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<bool>(m_testCtx, true, 132088003u, "bool_true", "Seed from boolean true."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<bool>(m_testCtx, false, 50600761u, "bool_false", "Seed from boolean false."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt8>(m_testCtx, 0, 62533730u, "int8_zero", "Seed from int8 zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt8>(m_testCtx, 1, 93914869u, "int8_one", "Seed from int8 one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt8>(m_testCtx, -1, 115002165u, "int8_minus_one", "Seed from int8 minus one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt16>(m_testCtx, 0, 133071403u, "int16_zero", "Seed from int16 zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt16>(m_testCtx, 1, 57421642u, "int16_one", "Seed from int16 one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt16>(m_testCtx, -1, 74389771u, "int16_minus_one", "Seed from int16 minus one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt32>(m_testCtx, 0, 75951701u, "int32_zero", "Seed from int32 zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt32>(m_testCtx, 1, 95780822u, "int32_one", "Seed from int32 one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deInt32>(m_testCtx, -1, 73949483u, "int32_minus_one", "Seed from int32 minus one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint8>(m_testCtx, 0, 3623298u, "uint8_zero", "Seed from uint8 zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint8>(m_testCtx, 1, 102006549u, "uint8_one", "Seed from uint8 one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint8>(m_testCtx, 255, 89633493u, "uint8_max", "Seed from uint8 max."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint16>(m_testCtx, 0, 78413740u, "uint16_zero", "Seed from uint16 zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint16>(m_testCtx, 1, 3068621u, "uint16_one", "Seed from uint16 one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint16>(m_testCtx, 65535, 120448140u, "uint16_max", "Seed from uint16 max."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint32>(m_testCtx, 0u, 41006057u, "uint32_zero", "Seed from uint32 zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint32>(m_testCtx, 1u, 54665834u, "uint32_one", "Seed from uint32 one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<deUint32>(m_testCtx, 4294967295u, 43990167u, "uint32_max", "Seed from uint32 max."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<float>(m_testCtx, 0.0f, 41165361u, "float_zero", "Seed from float zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<float>(m_testCtx, -0.0f, 112541574u, "float_negative_zero", "Seed from float negative zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<float>(m_testCtx, 1.0f, 44355905u, "float_one", "Seed from float one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<float>(m_testCtx, -1.0f, 107334902u, "float_negative_one", "Seed from float negative one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<double>(m_testCtx, 0.0, 133470681u, "double_zero", "Seed from double zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<double>(m_testCtx, -0.0, 53838958u, "double_negative_zero", "Seed from double negative zero."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<double>(m_testCtx, 1.0, 16975104u, "double_one", "Seed from double one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<double>(m_testCtx, -1.0, 96606391u, "double_negative_one", "Seed from double negative one."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec2>(m_testCtx, IVec2(0), 1111532u, "ivec2_zero", "Seed from zero vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec3>(m_testCtx, IVec3(0), 22277704u, "ivec3_zero", "Seed from zero vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec4>(m_testCtx, IVec4(0), 73989201u, "ivec4_zero", "Seed from zero vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec2>(m_testCtx, IVec2(1), 12819708u, "ivec2_one", "Seed from one vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec3>(m_testCtx, IVec3(1), 134047100u, "ivec3_one", "Seed from one vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec4>(m_testCtx, IVec4(1), 90609878u, "ivec4_one", "Seed from one vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec4>(m_testCtx, IVec4(1, 2, 3, 4), 6202236u, "ivec4_1_2_3_4", "Seed from (1, 2, 3, 4) vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderTest<IVec4>(m_testCtx, IVec4(4, 3, 2, 1), 26964618u, "ivec4_4_3_2_1", "Seed from (4, 3, 2, 1) vector."));
addChild(new SeedBuilderMultipleValuesTest(m_testCtx));
} // anonymous
tcu::TestCaseGroup* createSeedBuilderTests (tcu::TestContext& testCtx)
return new SeedBuilderTests(testCtx);
} // dit