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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Vulkan CTS
# ----------
# Copyright (c) 2015 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import os
import re
import sys
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "..", "..", "scripts"))
from build.common import DEQP_DIR
from khr_util.format import indentLines, writeInlFile
VULKAN_DIR = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "framework", "vulkan")
/* WARNING: This is auto-generated file. Do not modify, since changes will
* be lost! Modify the generating script instead.
# VK_KHR_surface
# VK_KHR_display
# VK_KHR_xlib_surface
# VK_KHR_xcb_surface
# VK_KHR_wayland_surface
# VK_KHR_mir_surface
# VK_KHR_android_surface
# VK_KHR_win32_surface
# VK_EXT_debug_report
("VK_API_VERSION", "deUint32"),
("VK_UUID_SIZE", "size_t"),
("VK_MAX_MEMORY_TYPES", "size_t"),
("VK_MAX_MEMORY_HEAPS", "size_t"),
("VK_SUBPASS_EXTERNAL", "deUint32"),
("VK_WHOLE_SIZE", "vk::VkDeviceSize"),
("VK_TRUE", "vk::VkBool32"),
("VK_FALSE", "vk::VkBool32"),
# VK_KHR_xlib_surface
("Display*", "XlibDisplayPtr", "void*"),
("Window", "XlibWindow", "deUintptr",),
("VisualID", "XlibVisualID", "deUint32"),
# VK_KHR_xcb_surface
("xcb_connection_t*", "XcbConnectionPtr", "void*"),
("xcb_window_t", "XcbWindow", "deUintptr"),
("xcb_visualid_t", "XcbVisualid", "deUint32"),
# VK_KHR_wayland_surface
("struct wl_display*", "WaylandDisplayPtr", "void*"),
("struct wl_surface*", "WaylandSurfacePtr", "void*"),
# VK_KHR_mir_surface
("MirConnection*", "MirConnectionPtr", "void*"),
("MirSurface*", "MirSurfacePtr", "void*"),
# VK_KHR_android_surface
("ANativeWindow*", "AndroidNativeWindowPtr", "void*"),
# VK_KHR_win32_surface
("HINSTANCE", "Win32InstanceHandle", "void*"),
("HWND", "Win32WindowHandle", "void*")
class Handle:
def __init__ (self, type, name):
self.type = type = name
def getHandleType (self):
name = re.sub(r'([a-z])([A-Z])', r'\1_\2',
return "HANDLE_TYPE_" + name[3:].upper()
class Enum:
def __init__ (self, name, values): = name
self.values = values
class Bitfield:
def __init__ (self, name, values): = name
self.values = values
class Variable:
def __init__ (self, type, name, arraySize = None):
self.type = type = name
self.arraySize = arraySize
class CompositeType:
def __init__ (self, typeClass, name, members):
self.typeClass = typeClass = name
self.members = members
def getClassName (self):
names = {CompositeType.CLASS_STRUCT: 'struct', CompositeType.CLASS_UNION: 'union'}
return names[self.typeClass]
class Function:
TYPE_PLATFORM = 0 # Not bound to anything
TYPE_INSTANCE = 1 # Bound to VkInstance
TYPE_DEVICE = 2 # Bound to VkDevice
def __init__ (self, name, returnType, arguments): = name
self.returnType = returnType
self.arguments = arguments
def getType (self):
return Function.TYPE_PLATFORM
return Function.TYPE_INSTANCE
return Function.TYPE_DEVICE
class API:
def __init__ (self, definitions, handles, enums, bitfields, compositeTypes, functions):
self.definitions = definitions
self.handles = handles
self.enums = enums
self.bitfields = bitfields
self.compositeTypes = compositeTypes
self.functions = functions
def readFile (filename):
with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
IDENT_PTRN = r'[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*'
TYPE_PTRN = r'[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_ \t*]*'
def fixupEnumValues (values):
fixed = []
for name, value in values:
if "_BEGIN_RANGE" in name or "_END_RANGE" in name:
fixed.append((name, value))
return fixed
def fixupType (type):
for platformType, substitute, compat in PLATFORM_TYPES:
if type == platformType:
return PLATFORM_TYPE_NAMESPACE + "::" + substitute
replacements = [
("uint8_t", "deUint8"),
("uint16_t", "deUint16"),
("uint32_t", "deUint32"),
("uint64_t", "deUint64"),
("int8_t", "deInt8"),
("int16_t", "deInt16"),
("int32_t", "deInt32"),
("int64_t", "deInt64"),
("bool32_t", "deUint32"),
("size_t", "deUintptr"),
for src, dst in replacements:
type = type.replace(src, dst)
return type
def fixupFunction (function):
fixedArgs = [Variable(fixupType(a.type),, a.arraySize) for a in function.arguments]
fixedReturnType = fixupType(function.returnType)
return Function(, fixedReturnType, fixedArgs)
def getInterfaceName (function):
assert[:2] == "vk"
return[2].lower() +[3:]
def getFunctionTypeName (function):
assert[:2] == "vk"
return[2:] + "Func"
def endsWith (str, postfix):
return str[-len(postfix):] == postfix
def splitNameExtPostfix (name):
knownExtPostfixes = ["KHR", "EXT"]
for postfix in knownExtPostfixes:
if endsWith(name, postfix):
return (name[:-len(postfix)], postfix)
return (name, "")
def getBitEnumNameForBitfield (bitfieldName):
bitfieldName, postfix = splitNameExtPostfix(bitfieldName)
assert bitfieldName[-1] == "s"
return bitfieldName[:-1] + "Bits" + postfix
def getBitfieldNameForBitEnum (bitEnumName):
bitEnumName, postfix = splitNameExtPostfix(bitEnumName)
assert bitEnumName[-4:] == "Bits"
return bitEnumName[:-4] + "s" + postfix
def parsePreprocDefinedValue (src, name):
definition ='#\s*define\s+' + name + r'\s+([^\n]+)\n', src)
if definition is None:
raise Exception("No such definition: %s" % name)
value =
if value == "UINT32_MAX":
value = "(~0u)"
return value
def parseEnum (name, src):
keyValuePtrn = '(' + IDENT_PTRN + r')\s*=\s*([^\s,}]+)\s*[,}]'
matches = re.findall(keyValuePtrn, src)
return Enum(name, fixupEnumValues(matches))
# \note Parses raw enums, some are mapped to bitfields later
def parseEnums (src):
matches = re.findall(r'typedef enum(\s*' + IDENT_PTRN + r')?\s*{([^}]*)}\s*(' + IDENT_PTRN + r')\s*;', src)
enums = []
for enumname, contents, typename in matches:
enums.append(parseEnum(typename, contents))
return enums
def parseCompositeType (type, name, src):
# \todo [pyry] Array support is currently a hack (size coupled with name)
typeNamePtrn = r'(' + TYPE_PTRN + ')(\s' + IDENT_PTRN + r'(\[[^\]]+\])*)\s*;'
matches = re.findall(typeNamePtrn, src)
members = [Variable(fixupType(t.strip()), n.strip()) for t, n, a in matches]
return CompositeType(type, name, members)
def parseCompositeTypes (src):
typeMap = { 'struct': CompositeType.CLASS_STRUCT, 'union': CompositeType.CLASS_UNION }
matches = re.findall(r'typedef (struct|union)(\s*' + IDENT_PTRN + r')?\s*{([^}]*)}\s*(' + IDENT_PTRN + r')\s*;', src)
types = []
for type, structname, contents, typename in matches:
types.append(parseCompositeType(typeMap[type], typename, contents))
return types
def parseHandles (src):
matches = re.findall(r'VK_DEFINE(_NON_DISPATCHABLE|)_HANDLE\((' + IDENT_PTRN + r')\)[ \t]*[\n\r]', src)
handles = []
typeMap = {'': Handle.TYPE_DISP, '_NON_DISPATCHABLE': Handle.TYPE_NONDISP}
for type, name in matches:
handle = Handle(typeMap[type], name)
return handles
def parseArgList (src):
typeNamePtrn = r'(' + TYPE_PTRN + ')(\s' + IDENT_PTRN + r')(\[[^\]]+\])?'
args = []
for rawArg in src.split(','):
m =, rawArg)
return args
def parseFunctions (src):
ptrn = r'VKAPI_ATTR\s+(' + TYPE_PTRN + ')VKAPI_CALL\s+(' + IDENT_PTRN + r')\s*\(([^)]*)\)\s*;'
matches = re.findall(ptrn, src)
functions = []
for returnType, name, argList in matches:
functions.append(Function(name.strip(), returnType.strip(), parseArgList(argList)))
return [fixupFunction(f) for f in functions]
def parseBitfieldNames (src):
ptrn = r'typedef\s+VkFlags\s(' + IDENT_PTRN + r')\s*;'
matches = re.findall(ptrn, src)
return matches
def parseAPI (src):
definitions = [(name, type, parsePreprocDefinedValue(src, name)) for name, type in DEFINITIONS]
rawEnums = parseEnums(src)
bitfieldNames = parseBitfieldNames(src)
enums = []
bitfields = []
bitfieldEnums = set([getBitEnumNameForBitfield(n) for n in bitfieldNames])
for enum in rawEnums:
if in bitfieldEnums:
bitfields.append(Bitfield(getBitfieldNameForBitEnum(, enum.values))
for bitfieldName in bitfieldNames:
if not bitfieldName in [ for bitfield in bitfields]:
# Add empty bitfield
bitfields.append(Bitfield(bitfieldName, []))
return API(
definitions = definitions,
handles = parseHandles(src),
enums = enums,
bitfields = bitfields,
compositeTypes = parseCompositeTypes(src),
functions = parseFunctions(src))
def writeHandleType (api, filename):
def gen ():
yield "enum HandleType"
yield "{"
yield "\t%s = 0," % api.handles[0].getHandleType()
for handle in api.handles[1:]:
yield "\t%s," % handle.getHandleType()
yield "};"
yield ""
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, gen())
def getEnumValuePrefix (enum):
prefix =[0]
for i in range(1, len(
if[i].isupper() and not[i-1].isupper():
prefix += "_"
prefix +=[i].upper()
return prefix
def parseInt (value):
if value[:2] == "0x":
return int(value, 16)
return int(value, 10)
def areEnumValuesLinear (enum):
curIndex = 0
for name, value in enum.values:
if parseInt(value) != curIndex:
return False
curIndex += 1
return True
def genEnumSrc (enum):
yield "enum %s" %
yield "{"
for line in indentLines(["\t%s\t= %s," % v for v in enum.values]):
yield line
if areEnumValuesLinear(enum):
yield ""
yield "\t%s_LAST" % getEnumValuePrefix(enum)
yield "};"
def genBitfieldSrc (bitfield):
if len(bitfield.values) > 0:
yield "enum %s" % getBitEnumNameForBitfield(
yield "{"
for line in indentLines(["\t%s\t= %s," % v for v in bitfield.values]):
yield line
yield "};"
yield "typedef deUint32 %s;" %
def genCompositeTypeSrc (type):
yield "%s %s" % (type.getClassName(),
yield "{"
for line in indentLines(["\t%s\t%s;" % (m.type, for m in type.members]):
yield line
yield "};"
def genHandlesSrc (handles):
def genLines (handles):
for handle in handles:
if handle.type == Handle.TYPE_DISP:
yield "VK_DEFINE_HANDLE\t(%s,\t%s);" % (, handle.getHandleType())
elif handle.type == Handle.TYPE_NONDISP:
yield "VK_DEFINE_NON_DISPATCHABLE_HANDLE\t(%s,\t%s);" % (, handle.getHandleType())
for line in indentLines(genLines(handles)):
yield line
def writeBasicTypes (api, filename):
def gen ():
for line in indentLines(["#define %s\t(static_cast<%s>\t(%s))" % (name, type, value) for name, type, value in api.definitions]):
yield line
yield ""
for line in genHandlesSrc(api.handles):
yield line
yield ""
for enum in api.enums:
for line in genEnumSrc(enum):
yield line
yield ""
for bitfield in api.bitfields:
for line in genBitfieldSrc(bitfield):
yield line
yield ""
for line in indentLines(["VK_DEFINE_PLATFORM_TYPE(%s,\t%s);" % (s, c) for n, s, c in PLATFORM_TYPES]):
yield line
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, gen())
def writeCompositeTypes (api, filename):
def gen ():
for type in api.compositeTypes:
for line in genCompositeTypeSrc(type):
yield line
yield ""
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, gen())
def argListToStr (args):
return ", ".join("%s %s%s" % (v.type,, v.arraySize if v.arraySize != None else "") for v in args)
def writeInterfaceDecl (api, filename, functionTypes, concrete):
def genProtos ():
postfix = "" if concrete else " = 0"
for function in api.functions:
if function.getType() in functionTypes:
yield "virtual %s\t%s\t(%s) const%s;" % (function.returnType, getInterfaceName(function), argListToStr(function.arguments), postfix)
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, indentLines(genProtos()))
def writeFunctionPtrTypes (api, filename):
def genTypes ():
for function in api.functions:
yield "typedef VKAPI_ATTR %s\t(VKAPI_CALL* %s)\t(%s);" % (function.returnType, getFunctionTypeName(function), argListToStr(function.arguments))
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, indentLines(genTypes()))
def writeFunctionPointers (api, filename, functionTypes):
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, indentLines(["%s\t%s;" % (getFunctionTypeName(function), getInterfaceName(function)) for function in api.functions if function.getType() in functionTypes]))
def writeInitFunctionPointers (api, filename, functionTypes):
def makeInitFunctionPointers ():
for function in api.functions:
if function.getType() in functionTypes:
yield "m_vk.%s\t= (%s)\tGET_PROC_ADDR(\"%s\");" % (getInterfaceName(function), getFunctionTypeName(function),
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, indentLines(makeInitFunctionPointers()))
def writeFuncPtrInterfaceImpl (api, filename, functionTypes, className):
def makeFuncPtrInterfaceImpl ():
for function in api.functions:
if function.getType() in functionTypes:
yield ""
yield "%s %s::%s (%s) const" % (function.returnType, className, getInterfaceName(function), argListToStr(function.arguments))
yield "{"
yield " %sm_vk.%s(%s);" % ("return " if function.returnType != "void" else "", getInterfaceName(function), ", ".join( for a in function.arguments))
yield "}"
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, makeFuncPtrInterfaceImpl())
def writeStrUtilProto (api, filename):
def makeStrUtilProto ():
for line in indentLines(["const char*\tget%sName\t(%s value);" % ([2:], for enum in api.enums]):
yield line
yield ""
for line in indentLines(["inline tcu::Format::Enum<%s>\tget%sStr\t(%s value)\t{ return tcu::Format::Enum<%s>(get%sName, value);\t}" % (,[2:],,,[2:]) for e in api.enums]):
yield line
yield ""
for line in indentLines(["inline std::ostream&\toperator<<\t(std::ostream& s, %s value)\t{ return s << get%sStr(value);\t}" % (,[2:]) for e in api.enums]):
yield line
yield ""
for line in indentLines(["tcu::Format::Bitfield<32>\tget%sStr\t(%s value);" % ([2:], for bitfield in api.bitfields]):
yield line
yield ""
for line in indentLines(["std::ostream&\toperator<<\t(std::ostream& s, const %s& value);" % ( for s in api.compositeTypes]):
yield line
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, makeStrUtilProto())
def writeStrUtilImpl (api, filename):
def makeStrUtilImpl ():
for line in indentLines(["template<> const char*\tgetTypeName<%s>\t(void) { return \"%s\";\t}" % (, for handle in api.handles]):
yield line
yield ""
yield "namespace %s" % PLATFORM_TYPE_NAMESPACE
yield "{"
for line in indentLines("std::ostream& operator<< (std::ostream& s, %s\tv) { return s << tcu::toHex(v.internal); }" % s for n, s, c in PLATFORM_TYPES):
yield line
yield "}"
for enum in api.enums:
yield ""
yield "const char* get%sName (%s value)" % ([2:],
yield "{"
yield "\tswitch (value)"
yield "\t{"
for line in indentLines(["\t\tcase %s:\treturn \"%s\";" % (n, n) for n, v in enum.values] + ["\t\tdefault:\treturn DE_NULL;"]):
yield line
yield "\t}"
yield "}"
for bitfield in api.bitfields:
yield ""
yield "tcu::Format::Bitfield<32> get%sStr (%s value)" % ([2:],
yield "{"
if len(bitfield.values) > 0:
yield "\tstatic const tcu::Format::BitDesc s_desc[] ="
yield "\t{"
for line in indentLines(["\t\ttcu::Format::BitDesc(%s,\t\"%s\")," % (n, n) for n, v in bitfield.values]):
yield line
yield "\t};"
yield "\treturn tcu::Format::Bitfield<32>(value, DE_ARRAY_BEGIN(s_desc), DE_ARRAY_END(s_desc));"
yield "\treturn tcu::Format::Bitfield<32>(value, DE_NULL, DE_NULL);"
yield "}"
bitfieldTypeNames = set([ for bitfield in api.bitfields])
for type in api.compositeTypes:
yield ""
yield "std::ostream& operator<< (std::ostream& s, const %s& value)" %
yield "{"
yield "\ts << \"%s = {\\n\";" %
for member in type.members:
memberName =
valFmt = None
newLine = ""
if member.type in bitfieldTypeNames:
valFmt = "get%sStr(value.%s)" % (member.type[2:],
elif member.type == "const char*" or member.type == "char*":
valFmt = "getCharPtrStr(value.%s)" %
elif '[' in
baseName =['[')]
if baseName in ["extensionName", "deviceName", "layerName", "description"]:
valFmt = "(const char*)value.%s" % baseName
elif member.type == 'char' or member.type == 'deUint8':
newLine = "'\\n' << "
valFmt = "tcu::formatArray(tcu::Format::HexIterator<%s>(DE_ARRAY_BEGIN(value.%s)), tcu::Format::HexIterator<%s>(DE_ARRAY_END(value.%s)))" % (member.type, baseName, member.type, baseName)
if baseName == "memoryTypes" or baseName == "memoryHeaps":
endIter = "DE_ARRAY_BEGIN(value.%s) + value.%sCount" % (baseName, baseName[:-1])
endIter = "DE_ARRAY_END(value.%s)" % baseName
newLine = "'\\n' << "
valFmt = "tcu::formatArray(DE_ARRAY_BEGIN(value.%s), %s)" % (baseName, endIter)
memberName = baseName
valFmt = "value.%s" %
yield ("\ts << \"\\t%s = \" << " % memberName) + newLine + valFmt + " << '\\n';"
yield "\ts << '}';"
yield "\treturn s;"
yield "}"
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, makeStrUtilImpl())
class ConstructorFunction:
def __init__ (self, type, name, objectType, iface, arguments):
self.type = type = name
self.objectType = objectType
self.iface = iface
self.arguments = arguments
def getConstructorFunctions (api):
funcs = []
for function in api.functions:
if ([:8] == "vkCreate" or == "vkAllocateMemory") and not "count" in [ for a in function.arguments]:
if == "vkCreateDisplayModeKHR":
continue # No way to delete display modes (bug?)
# \todo [pyry] Rather hacky
iface = None
if function.getType() == Function.TYPE_PLATFORM:
iface = Variable("const PlatformInterface&", "vk")
elif function.getType() == Function.TYPE_INSTANCE:
iface = Variable("const InstanceInterface&", "vk")
iface = Variable("const DeviceInterface&", "vk")
assert function.arguments[-2].type == "const VkAllocationCallbacks*"
objectType = function.arguments[-1].type.replace("*", "").strip()
arguments = function.arguments[:-1]
funcs.append(ConstructorFunction(function.getType(), getInterfaceName(function), objectType, iface, arguments))
return funcs
def writeRefUtilProto (api, filename):
functions = getConstructorFunctions(api)
def makeRefUtilProto ():
unindented = []
for line in indentLines(["Move<%s>\t%s\t(%s = DE_NULL);" % (function.objectType,, argListToStr([function.iface] + function.arguments)) for function in functions]):
yield line
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, makeRefUtilProto())
def writeRefUtilImpl (api, filename):
functions = getConstructorFunctions(api)
def makeRefUtilImpl ():
yield "namespace refdetails"
yield "{"
yield ""
for function in api.functions:
if function.getType() == Function.TYPE_DEVICE \
and ([:9] == "vkDestroy" or == "vkFreeMemory") \
and not == "vkDestroyDevice":
objectType = function.arguments[-2].type
yield "template<>"
yield "void Deleter<%s>::operator() (%s obj) const" % (objectType, objectType)
yield "{"
yield "\tm_deviceIface->%s(m_device, obj, m_allocator);" % (getInterfaceName(function))
yield "}"
yield ""
yield "} // refdetails"
yield ""
for function in functions:
if function.type == Function.TYPE_DEVICE:
dtorObj = "device"
elif function.type == Function.TYPE_INSTANCE:
if == "createDevice":
dtorObj = "object"
dtorObj = "instance"
dtorObj = "object"
yield "Move<%s> %s (%s)" % (function.objectType,, argListToStr([function.iface] + function.arguments))
yield "{"
yield "\t%s object = 0;" % function.objectType
yield "\tVK_CHECK(vk.%s(%s));" % (, ", ".join([ for a in function.arguments] + ["&object"]))
yield "\treturn Move<%s>(check<%s>(object), Deleter<%s>(%s));" % (function.objectType, function.objectType, function.objectType, ", ".join(["vk", dtorObj, function.arguments[-1].name]))
yield "}"
yield ""
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, makeRefUtilImpl())
def writeNullDriverImpl (api, filename):
def genNullDriverImpl ():
specialFuncNames = [
specialFuncs = [f for f in api.functions if in specialFuncNames]
createFuncs = [f for f in api.functions if ([:8] == "vkCreate" or == "vkAllocateMemory") and not f in specialFuncs]
destroyFuncs = [f for f in api.functions if ([:9] == "vkDestroy" or == "vkFreeMemory") and not f in specialFuncs]
dummyFuncs = [f for f in api.functions if f not in specialFuncs + createFuncs + destroyFuncs]
def getHandle (name):
for handle in api.handles:
if == name:
return handle
raise Exception("No such handle: %s" % name)
for function in createFuncs:
objectType = function.arguments[-1].type.replace("*", "").strip()
argsStr = ", ".join([ for a in function.arguments[:-1]])
yield "VKAPI_ATTR %s VKAPI_CALL %s (%s)" % (function.returnType, getInterfaceName(function), argListToStr(function.arguments))
yield "{"
yield "\tDE_UNREF(%s);" % function.arguments[-2].name
if getHandle(objectType).type == Handle.TYPE_NONDISP:
yield "\tVK_NULL_RETURN((*%s = allocateNonDispHandle<%s, %s>(%s)));" % (function.arguments[-1].name, objectType[2:], objectType, argsStr)
yield "\tVK_NULL_RETURN((*%s = allocateHandle<%s, %s>(%s)));" % (function.arguments[-1].name, objectType[2:], objectType, argsStr)
yield "}"
yield ""
for function in destroyFuncs:
objectArg = function.arguments[-2]
yield "VKAPI_ATTR %s VKAPI_CALL %s (%s)" % (function.returnType, getInterfaceName(function), argListToStr(function.arguments))
yield "{"
for arg in function.arguments[:-2]:
yield "\tDE_UNREF(%s);" %
if getHandle(objectArg.type).type == Handle.TYPE_NONDISP:
yield "\tfreeNonDispHandle<%s, %s>(%s, %s);" % (objectArg.type[2:], objectArg.type,, function.arguments[-1].name)
yield "\tfreeHandle<%s, %s>(%s, %s);" % (objectArg.type[2:], objectArg.type,, function.arguments[-1].name)
yield "}"
yield ""
for function in dummyFuncs:
yield "VKAPI_ATTR %s VKAPI_CALL %s (%s)" % (function.returnType, getInterfaceName(function), argListToStr(function.arguments))
yield "{"
for arg in function.arguments:
yield "\tDE_UNREF(%s);" %
if function.returnType != "void":
yield "\treturn VK_SUCCESS;"
yield "}"
yield ""
def genFuncEntryTable (type, name):
funcs = [f for f in api.functions if f.getType() == type]
yield "static const tcu::StaticFunctionLibrary::Entry %s[] =" % name
yield "{"
for line in indentLines(["\tVK_NULL_FUNC_ENTRY(%s,\t%s)," % (, getInterfaceName(function)) for function in funcs]):
yield line
yield "};"
yield ""
# Func tables
for line in genFuncEntryTable(Function.TYPE_PLATFORM, "s_platformFunctions"):
yield line
for line in genFuncEntryTable(Function.TYPE_INSTANCE, "s_instanceFunctions"):
yield line
for line in genFuncEntryTable(Function.TYPE_DEVICE, "s_deviceFunctions"):
yield line
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, genNullDriverImpl())
def writeTypeUtil (api, filename):
# Structs filled by API queries are not often used in test code
COMPOSITE_TYPES = set([ for t in api.compositeTypes])
def isSimpleStruct (type):
def hasArrayMember (type):
for member in type.members:
if "[" in
return True
return False
def hasCompositeMember (type):
for member in type.members:
if member.type in COMPOSITE_TYPES:
return True
return False
return type.typeClass == CompositeType.CLASS_STRUCT and \
type.members[0].type != "VkStructureType" and \
not hasArrayMember(type) and \
not hasCompositeMember(type)
def gen ():
for type in api.compositeTypes:
if not isSimpleStruct(type):
yield ""
yield "inline %s make%s (%s)" % (,[2:], argListToStr(type.members))
yield "{"
yield "\t%s res;" %
for line in indentLines(["\tres.%s\t= %s;" % (, for m in type.members]):
yield line
yield "\treturn res;"
yield "}"
writeInlFile(filename, INL_HEADER, gen())
if __name__ == "__main__":
src = readFile(sys.argv[1])
api = parseAPI(src)
platformFuncs = set([Function.TYPE_PLATFORM])
instanceFuncs = set([Function.TYPE_INSTANCE])
deviceFuncs = set([Function.TYPE_DEVICE])
writeHandleType (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkHandleType.inl"))
writeBasicTypes (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkBasicTypes.inl"))
writeCompositeTypes (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkStructTypes.inl"))
writeInterfaceDecl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkVirtualPlatformInterface.inl"), functionTypes = platformFuncs, concrete = False)
writeInterfaceDecl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkVirtualInstanceInterface.inl"), functionTypes = instanceFuncs, concrete = False)
writeInterfaceDecl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkVirtualDeviceInterface.inl"), functionTypes = deviceFuncs, concrete = False)
writeInterfaceDecl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkConcretePlatformInterface.inl"), functionTypes = platformFuncs, concrete = True)
writeInterfaceDecl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkConcreteInstanceInterface.inl"), functionTypes = instanceFuncs, concrete = True)
writeInterfaceDecl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkConcreteDeviceInterface.inl"), functionTypes = deviceFuncs, concrete = True)
writeFunctionPtrTypes (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkFunctionPointerTypes.inl"))
writeFunctionPointers (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkPlatformFunctionPointers.inl"), functionTypes = platformFuncs)
writeFunctionPointers (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkInstanceFunctionPointers.inl"), functionTypes = instanceFuncs)
writeFunctionPointers (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkDeviceFunctionPointers.inl"), functionTypes = deviceFuncs)
writeInitFunctionPointers (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkInitPlatformFunctionPointers.inl"), functionTypes = platformFuncs)
writeInitFunctionPointers (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkInitInstanceFunctionPointers.inl"), functionTypes = instanceFuncs)
writeInitFunctionPointers (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkInitDeviceFunctionPointers.inl"), functionTypes = deviceFuncs)
writeFuncPtrInterfaceImpl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkPlatformDriverImpl.inl"), functionTypes = platformFuncs, className = "PlatformDriver")
writeFuncPtrInterfaceImpl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkInstanceDriverImpl.inl"), functionTypes = instanceFuncs, className = "InstanceDriver")
writeFuncPtrInterfaceImpl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkDeviceDriverImpl.inl"), functionTypes = deviceFuncs, className = "DeviceDriver")
writeStrUtilProto (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkStrUtil.inl"))
writeStrUtilImpl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkStrUtilImpl.inl"))
writeRefUtilProto (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkRefUtil.inl"))
writeRefUtilImpl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkRefUtilImpl.inl"))
writeNullDriverImpl (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkNullDriverImpl.inl"))
writeTypeUtil (api, os.path.join(VULKAN_DIR, "vkTypeUtil.inl"))