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/* WARNING: This is auto-generated file. Do not modify, since changes will
* be lost! Modify the generating script instead.
* This file was generated by /scripts/
virtual VkResult createInstance (const VkInstanceCreateInfo* pCreateInfo, const VkAllocationCallbacks* pAllocator, VkInstance* pInstance) const;
virtual PFN_vkVoidFunction getInstanceProcAddr (VkInstance instance, const char* pName) const;
virtual VkResult enumerateInstanceVersion (uint32_t* pApiVersion) const;
virtual VkResult enumerateInstanceLayerProperties (uint32_t* pPropertyCount, VkLayerProperties* pProperties) const;
virtual VkResult enumerateInstanceExtensionProperties (const char* pLayerName, uint32_t* pPropertyCount, VkExtensionProperties* pProperties) const;