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/* Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* Tests for host library vboot2 keyblock functions
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "2sysincludes.h"
#include "2common.h"
#include "2rsa.h"
#include "vb21_common.h"
#include "host_common.h"
#include "host_key2.h"
#include "host_keyblock2.h"
#include "test_common.h"
static void keyblock_tests(const char *keys_dir)
struct vb2_public_key *pubk2048, *pubk4096, *pubk8192, pubkhash;
struct vb2_private_key *prik4096, *prik8192;
struct vb21_packed_key *pak, *pakgood;
struct vb21_keyblock *kb;
const struct vb2_private_key *prikhash;
const struct vb2_private_key *prik[2];
char fname[1024];
const char test_desc[] = "Test keyblock";
__attribute__ ((aligned (VB2_WORKBUF_ALIGN)));
struct vb2_workbuf wb;
vb2_workbuf_init(&wb, workbuf, sizeof(workbuf));
/* Read keys */
sprintf(fname, "%s/key_rsa2048.keyb", keys_dir);
TEST_SUCC(vb2_public_key_read_keyb(&pubk2048, fname),
"Read public key 2");
vb2_public_key_set_desc(pubk2048, "Test RSA2048 public key");
pubk2048->hash_alg = VB2_HASH_SHA256;
sprintf(fname, "%s/key_rsa4096.keyb", keys_dir);
TEST_SUCC(vb2_public_key_read_keyb(&pubk4096, fname),
"Read public key 1");
vb2_public_key_set_desc(pubk4096, "Test RSA4096 public key");
pubk4096->hash_alg = VB2_HASH_SHA256;
sprintf(fname, "%s/key_rsa8192.keyb", keys_dir);
TEST_SUCC(vb2_public_key_read_keyb(&pubk8192, fname),
"Read public key 2");
vb2_public_key_set_desc(pubk8192, "Test RSA8192 public key");
pubk8192->hash_alg = VB2_HASH_SHA512;
sprintf(fname, "%s/key_rsa4096.pem", keys_dir);
TEST_SUCC(vb2_private_key_read_pem(&prik4096, fname),
"Read private key 2");
vb2_private_key_set_desc(prik4096, "Test RSA4096 private key");
prik4096->sig_alg = VB2_SIG_RSA4096;
prik4096->hash_alg = VB2_HASH_SHA256;
sprintf(fname, "%s/key_rsa8192.pem", keys_dir);
TEST_SUCC(vb2_private_key_read_pem(&prik8192, fname),
"Read private key 1");
vb2_private_key_set_desc(prik8192, "Test RSA8192 private key");
prik8192->sig_alg = VB2_SIG_RSA8192;
prik8192->hash_alg = VB2_HASH_SHA512;
TEST_SUCC(vb2_private_key_hash(&prikhash, VB2_HASH_SHA512),
"Create private hash key");
TEST_SUCC(vb2_public_key_hash(&pubkhash, VB2_HASH_SHA512),
"Create public hash key");
TEST_SUCC(vb21_public_key_pack(&pakgood, pubk2048), "Test packed key");
/* Sign a keyblock with one key */
prik[0] = prik4096;
TEST_SUCC(vb21_keyblock_create(&kb, pubk2048, prik, 1, 0x1234, NULL),
"Keyblock single");
TEST_PTR_NEQ(kb, NULL, " kb_ptr");
TEST_SUCC(vb21_verify_keyblock(kb, kb->c.total_size, pubk4096, &wb),
" verify");
TEST_EQ(strcmp(vb21_common_desc(kb), pubk2048->desc), 0, " desc");
TEST_EQ(kb->flags, 0x1234, " flags");
pak = (struct vb21_packed_key *)((uint8_t *)kb + kb->key_offset);
TEST_EQ(0, memcmp(pak, pakgood, pakgood->c.total_size), " data key");
/* Sign a keyblock with two keys */
prik[0] = prik8192;
prik[1] = prikhash;
TEST_SUCC(vb21_keyblock_create(&kb, pubk4096, prik, 2, 0, test_desc),
"Keyblock multiple");
TEST_SUCC(vb21_verify_keyblock(kb, kb->c.total_size, pubk8192, &wb),
" verify 1");
TEST_SUCC(vb21_verify_keyblock(kb, kb->c.total_size, &pubkhash, &wb),
" verify 2");
TEST_EQ(strcmp(vb21_common_desc(kb), test_desc), 0, " desc");
TEST_EQ(kb->flags, 0, " flags");
/* Test errors */
prik[0] = prik8192;
prik8192->hash_alg = VB2_HASH_INVALID;
TEST_EQ(vb21_keyblock_create(&kb, pubk4096, prik, 1, 0, NULL),
VB2_KEYBLOCK_CREATE_SIG_SIZE, "Keyblock bad sig size");
TEST_PTR_EQ(kb, NULL, " kb_ptr");
prik[0] = prik4096;
pubk4096->sig_alg = VB2_SIG_INVALID;
TEST_EQ(vb21_keyblock_create(&kb, pubk4096, prik, 1, 0, NULL),
VB2_KEYBLOCK_CREATE_DATA_KEY, "Keyblock bad data key");
/* Free keys */
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
if (argc == 2) {
} else {
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s <keys_dir>", argv[0]);
return -1;
return gTestSuccess ? 0 : 255;