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A multi-language, cross-platform library that provides cryptographic APIs that are secure, easy to use correctly, and hard(er) to misuse. See also:

NOTE: Tink is moving!

As part of our roadmap we are splitting Tink into multiple GitHub repositories that will be hosted at and will be independently versioned.

Roughly, we are going to create one repository per language, library extension such as KMS (except Tink Python), and tools.

A few important highlights:

  • The migration will be done gradually over the course of 2023 with a new release from each of the new repositories. Releases will be announced in our mailing list.
  • We will keep updating each implementation/tool in for a specified amount of time; migrated implementations/tools will eventually stop being updated on The support window depends on the specific implementation, as shown in the table below.
  • New issues and pull requests should be created in the new repos.

Below is the list of resulting repositories, migration timeline and expected end of support.

Tink implementation/extensionNew repositoryMigration statusEnd of support in google/tink
Tink Javatink-crypto/tink-javaComplete (Q1 2023)Q3 2023
Tink Java AWS KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-java-awskmsComplete (Q1 2023)Q3 2023
Tink Java Google Cloud KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-java-gcpkmsComplete (Q1 2023)Q3 2023
Tink Java apps extensiontink-crypto/tink-java-appsComplete (Q1 2023)Q3 2023
Tink Tinkeytink-crypto/tink-tinkeyComplete (Q2 2023)Q4 2023
Tink C++tink-crypto/tink-ccComplete (Q2 2023)Q2 2024
Tink C++ AWS KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-cc-awskmsComplete (Q2 2023)Q2 2024
Tink C++ Google Cloud KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-cc-gcpkmsComplete (Q2 2023)Q2 2024
Tink Gotink-crypto/tink-goComplete (Q3 2023)Q1 2024
Tink Go AWS KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-go-awskmsComplete (Q3 2023)Q1 2024
Tink Go Google Cloud KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-go-gcpkmsComplete (Q3 2023)Q1 2024
Tink Go HashiCorp Vault KMS extensiontink-crypto/tink-go-hcvaultComplete (Q3 2023)Q1 2024
Tink Pythontink-crypto/tink-pyComplete (Q3 2023)Q1 2024
Tink Obj-Ctink-crypto/tink-objcComplete (Q3 2023)Q1 2024
Tink cross language teststink-crypto/tink-cross-lang-testsComplete (Q3 2023)N/A

NOTE: We are removing Tink for JavaScript/TypeScript

We are removing the Tink JavaScript/TypeScript library from our current Github repository (master branch). As part of our effort to migrate Tink to, we will not release an individual JavaScript/Typescript repository. Furthermore, the JavaScript/TypeScript directory in the current release branch (v1.7.0) will no longer be actively supported.

We aim to remove the JS/TS directory from the current Tink Github repository (master branch) on June 22, 2023. We will also deprecate the Tink npm package on this date.

See this tracking issue for more details.

Feel free to use our mailing list to raise any questions, issues or concerns.


  1. Introduction
  2. Current status
  3. Getting started
  4. Learn more
  5. Contact and mailing list
  6. Maintainers


Using crypto in your application shouldn't have to feel like juggling chainsaws in the dark. Tink is a crypto library written by a group of cryptographers and security engineers at Google. It was born out of our extensive experience working with Google's product teams, fixing weaknesses in implementations, and providing simple APIs that can be used safely without needing a crypto background.

Tink provides secure APIs that are easy to use correctly and hard(er) to misuse. It reduces common crypto pitfalls with user-centered design, careful implementation and code reviews, and extensive testing. At Google, Tink is one of the standard crypto libraries, and has been deployed in hundreds of products and systems.

To get a quick overview of Tink design please take a look at slides from a talk about Tink presented at Real World Crypto 2019.

Current status

Java/Android, C++, Obj-C, Go, and Python are field tested and ready for production. The latest version is 1.7.0, released on 2022-08-09.

Javascript/Typescript is in an alpha state and should only be used for testing. Please see the intent to remove statement here.

Kokoro UbuntuKokoro macOS

Getting started

Documentation for the project is located at Currently, it details a variety of common usage scenarios and covers the Java and Python implementations. The site will be populated with more content over time.

Alternatively, you can look at all of the examples which demonstrate performing simple tasks using Tink in a variety of languages.

  • Python
pip3 install tink
  • Golang
go get
  • Java
  • Android
dependencies {
  implementation ''
  • Objective-C/iOS
cd /path/to/your/Xcode project/
pod init
pod 'Tink', '1.7.0'
pod install

Learn more

Community-driven ports

Out of the box Tink supports a wide range of languages, but it still doesn‘t support every language. Fortunately, some users like Tink so much that they’ve ported it to their favorite languages! Below you can find notable ports.

WARNING While we usually review these ports, until further notice, we do not maintain them and have no plan to support them in the foreseeable future.

Contact and mailing list

If you want to contribute, please read CONTRIBUTING and send us pull requests. You can also report bugs or file feature requests.

If you'd like to talk to the developers or get notified about major product updates, you may want to subscribe to our mailing list.


Tink is maintained by (A-Z):

  • Moreno Ambrosin
  • Taymon Beal
  • Daniel Bleichenbacher
  • William Conner
  • Thai Duong
  • Thomas Holenstein
  • Stefan Kölbl
  • Charles Lee
  • Cindy Lin
  • Fernando Lobato Meeser
  • Atul Luykx
  • Rafael Misoczki
  • Sophie Schmieg
  • Laurent Simon
  • Elizaveta Tretiakova
  • Jürg Wullschleger


  • Haris Andrianakis
  • Tanuj Dhir
  • Quan Nguyen
  • Bartosz Przydatek
  • Enzo Puig
  • Veronika Slívová
  • Paula Vidas
  • Cathie Yun
  • Federico Zalcberg