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* @license
* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
import * as Registry from '../internal/registry';
import {EcdsaPrivateKeyManager} from './ecdsa_private_key_manager';
import {EcdsaPublicKeyManager} from './ecdsa_public_key_manager';
import {PublicKeySignWrapper} from './public_key_sign_wrapper';
import {PublicKeyVerifyWrapper} from './public_key_verify_wrapper';
// Static methods and constants for registering with the Registry all instances
// of key types for digital signature supported in a particular release of Tink.
// To register all key types from the current Tink release one can do:
// SignatureConfig.register();
* Registers key managers for all PublicKeyVerify and PublicKeySign key types
* from the current Tink release.
export function register() {
Registry.registerKeyManager(new EcdsaPrivateKeyManager());
Registry.registerKeyManager(new EcdsaPublicKeyManager());
Registry.registerPrimitiveWrapper(new PublicKeySignWrapper());
Registry.registerPrimitiveWrapper(new PublicKeyVerifyWrapper());
export const VERIFY_PRIMITIVE_NAME: string = 'PublicKeyVerify';
export const ECDSA_PUBLIC_KEY_TYPE: string = EcdsaPublicKeyManager.KEY_TYPE;
export const SIGN_PRIMITIVE_NAME: string = 'PublicKeySign';
export const ECDSA_PRIVATE_KEY_TYPE: string = EcdsaPrivateKeyManager.KEY_TYPE;