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Initalization of dependencies of Tink base.
load("@com_google_protobuf//:protobuf_deps.bzl", "protobuf_deps")
load("@bazel_toolchains//rules:rbe_repo.bzl", "rbe_autoconfig")
# temporary: loads from other languages
load("@io_bazel_rules_go//go:deps.bzl", "go_rules_dependencies")
def tink_base_deps_init():
""" Initializes dependencies of Tink base.
# ----- Go
# --------
# Actual base inits.
# Creates a default toolchain config for RBE.
# Use this as is if you are using the rbe_ubuntu16_04 container,
# otherwise refer to RBE docs.
rbe_autoconfig(name = "rbe_default")