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This directory contains the HTML for the SWIG users manual.
All of this HTML is hand-written. However, section numbering, indices,
and the table of contents are generated automatically by the ''
script. The Makefile has further information on how the various alternative
forms of the documentation are generated from the hand-written HTML.
There are 4 types of boxes that code or whatever can be inside:
- <div class="shell">...</div>
This is for text that shows the output of running commands on the shell.
- <div class="code">...</div>
This is for either C, C++, or SWIG code
- <div class="targetlang">...</div>
This is for code in a target scripting language
- <div class="diagram">...</div>
This is for text that is not code or a shell
The general format is
<div class="foo"><pre>
whatever here