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# Makefile for generating the SWIG documentation
# Note that the htmldoc package needs to be installed. wkhtmltopdf patched with qt is also required
# and the prebuilt binaries can be installed from
# The .html files are first processed and updated with chapter numbering and anchor names
# are added to the HTML headings using the python scripts. The htmldoc program is then
# used to generate the single page HTML version of the documentation.
# wkhtmltopdf is used to generate the pdf document from the single page html file.
# HTML TIDY (package also known as tidy) is also required and is used as an aid to HTML
# validation.
# Additional html validation can be done using the validate target.
# Additional link checking can be done using the linkchecker1 and linkchecker2 target.
# Note the # and " are escaped
HTMLDOC_OPTIONS = "--book --toclevels 4 --no-numbered --toctitle \"Table of Contents\" --title --titleimage swig16.png --linkcolor \#0000ff --linkstyle underline --size Universal --left 0.50in --right 0.50in --top 0.50in --bottom 0.50in --header .t. --footer h.1 --nup 1 --tocheader .t. --tocfooter ..i --portrait --color --no-pscommands --no-xrxcomments --compression=1 --jpeg=0 --fontsize 10.0 --fontspacing 1.2 --headingfont Helvetica --bodyfont Times --headfootsize 10.0 --headfootfont Helvetica --charset iso-8859-1 --links --no-embedfonts --pagemode outline --pagelayout single --firstpage c1 --pageeffect none --pageduration 10 --effectduration 1.0 --no-encryption --permissions all --owner-password \"\" --user-password \"\" --browserwidth 680"
.PHONY: maketoc check generate all maintainer-clean validate test
all: maketoc check generate
# Use this to regenerate CCache.html should this ever be needed
CCache.html: ../../CCache/ccache.yo
yodl2html -o CCache.html ../../CCache/ccache.yo
# Tabs in the html files will stop the build as wkhtmltopdf does not expand them correctly - replace them with the appropriate number of tabs
# Use htmltidy to warn about some HTML errors. Note that it is not used to clean/tidy the HTML,
# it is just used as a primitive HTML checker.
# CCache.html is generated by yodl2html and has a few insignificant problems, so we don't put it through tidy
all="index.html Sections.html `sed '/^#/d' chapters | grep -v CCache.html`" && for a in $$all; do echo "Check for tabs $$a" && if grep -P '\t' $$a; then echo "Please delete the tabs from the lines above" && exit 1; fi; done && for a in $$all; do echo "HTML tidy check $$a" && tidy -errors --gnu-emacs yes -quiet $$a; done;
# Note wkhtmltopdf limitations for generating pdf docs:
# 1) <H1><a name="X"></a>Text</H1> style links don't work and need changing to
# <H1><a name="X">Text</a></H1>
# 2) Tabs in <pre> elements should be expanded to 8 spaces by default, but
# are expanded to just one space and css tab-size is not working.
# 3) <pre> <tt> <code> elements do not always select a fixed-width font - try installing the
# Courier font to fix - these have been added to style.css.
generate: SWIGDocumentation.html
wkhtmltopdf --version | grep "with patched qt" || (echo "wkhtmltopdf is not the patched qt version and so cannot be used - download it from" && false)
wkhtmltopdf --margin-top 20mm --margin-bottom 20mm --margin-left 10mm --margin-right 10mm --header-font-size 6 --footer-font-size 6 --header-spacing 6 --footer-spacing 6 --header-center '[doctitle]' --footer-left '[subsection]' --footer-right '[page]' --allow . SWIGDocumentation.html SWIGDocumentation.pdf
htmldoc --batch || true
python SWIGDocumentation.html chapters Sections.html
echo "#HTMLDOC 1.8.24" >
echo -t html -f SWIGDocumentation.html $(HTMLDOC_OPTIONS) >>
echo "Sections.html" >>
cat chapters >>
maintainer-clean: clean-baks
rm -f
rm -f SWIGDocumentation.html
rm -f SWIGDocumentation.pdf
rm -rf linkchecker-tmp
rm -f *.bak
grep "href=\".*\.html\"" index.html
grep "href=\".*\.html\"" Sections.html
all=`sed '/^#/d' chapters`; for a in $$all; do grep -l "href=\".*\.html\"" $$a; done;
# Validating using the WDG offline validator -
all=`sed '/^#/d' chapters`; for a in $$all; do validate --emacs $$a; done;
# Link checking using linkchecker of the index.html only file (including anchors)
@echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
@echo Note linkchecker versions prior to 6.1 do not work properly wrt anchors
@echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
linkchecker --config=./linkchecker.config --anchors index.html
# Check for links which don't work including those generated from the individual .html files into SWIGDocumentation.html
rm -rf linkchecker-tmp
mkdir linkchecker-tmp
cp SWIGDocumentation.html linkchecker-tmp
cp *.png linkchecker-tmp
(cd linkchecker-tmp && linkchecker --config=../linkchecker.config -F text --no-warnings SWIGDocumentation.html)
# Simple check for relative links (there shouldn't be any), they don't translate properly creating the .pdf doc
# with wkhtmltopdf. For example, href="SWIG.html" needs to be href="SWIG.html#SWIG"
@echo "The following list should just contain SWIGDocumentation.html and SWIGDocumentation.pdf,"
@echo "as all links should have an anchor (with a #) or be a full url beginning http."
grep 'href="' *.html | sed -e 's/.*href="\(.*\)">.*$$/\1/' | grep -v "#" | grep -v "^http" | grep -v "^style.css"