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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* This file is part of SWIG, which is licensed as a whole under version 3
* (or any later version) of the GNU General Public License. Some additional
* terms also apply to certain portions of SWIG. The full details of the SWIG
* license and copyrights can be found in the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files
* included with the SWIG source code as distributed by the SWIG developers
* and at
* swigwrap.h
* Functions related to wrapper objects.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
typedef struct Wrapper {
Hash *localh;
String *def;
String *locals;
String *code;
} Wrapper;
extern Wrapper *NewWrapper(void);
extern void DelWrapper(Wrapper *w);
extern void Wrapper_compact_print_mode_set(int flag);
extern void Wrapper_pretty_print(String *str, File *f);
extern void Wrapper_compact_print(String *str, File *f);
extern void Wrapper_print(Wrapper *w, File *f);
extern int Wrapper_add_local(Wrapper *w, const_String_or_char_ptr name, const_String_or_char_ptr decl);
extern int Wrapper_add_localv(Wrapper *w, const_String_or_char_ptr name, ...);
extern int Wrapper_check_local(Wrapper *w, const_String_or_char_ptr name);
extern char *Wrapper_new_local(Wrapper *w, const_String_or_char_ptr name, const_String_or_char_ptr decl);
extern char *Wrapper_new_localv(Wrapper *w, const_String_or_char_ptr name, ...);