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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* This file is part of SWIG, which is licensed as a whole under version 3
* (or any later version) of the GNU General Public License. Some additional
* terms also apply to certain portions of SWIG. The full details of the SWIG
* license and copyrights can be found in the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files
* included with the SWIG source code as distributed by the SWIG developers
* and at
* swigtree.h
* These functions are used to access and manipulate the SWIG parse tree.
* The structure of this tree is modeled directly after XML-DOM. The attribute
* and function names are meant to be similar.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* Macros to traverse the DOM tree */
#define nodeType(x) Getattr(x,"nodeType")
#define parentNode(x) Getattr(x,"parentNode")
#define previousSibling(x) Getattr(x,"previousSibling")
#define nextSibling(x) Getattr(x,"nextSibling")
#define firstChild(x) Getattr(x,"firstChild")
#define lastChild(x) Getattr(x,"lastChild")
/* Macros to set up the DOM tree (mostly used by the parser) */
#define set_nodeType(x,v) Setattr(x,"nodeType",v)
#define set_parentNode(x,v) Setattr(x,"parentNode",v)
#define set_previousSibling(x,v) Setattr(x,"previousSibling",v)
#define set_nextSibling(x,v) Setattr(x,"nextSibling",v)
#define set_firstChild(x,v) Setattr(x,"firstChild",v)
#define set_lastChild(x,v) Setattr(x,"lastChild",v)
/* Utility functions */
extern int checkAttribute(Node *obj, const_String_or_char_ptr name, const_String_or_char_ptr value);
extern void appendChild(Node *node, Node *child);
extern void prependChild(Node *node, Node *child);
extern void removeNode(Node *node);
extern Node *copyNode(Node *node);
extern void appendSibling(Node *node, Node *child);
/* Node restoration/restore functions */
extern void Swig_require(const char *ns, Node *node, ...);
extern void Swig_save(const char *ns, Node *node, ...);
extern void Swig_restore(Node *node);
/* Debugging of parse trees */
extern void Swig_print_tags(File *obj, Node *root);
extern void Swig_print_tree(Node *obj);
extern void Swig_print_node(Node *obj);