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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* This file is part of SWIG, which is licensed as a whole under version 3
* (or any later version) of the GNU General Public License. Some additional
* terms also apply to certain portions of SWIG. The full details of the SWIG
* license and copyrights can be found in the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files
* included with the SWIG source code as distributed by the SWIG developers
* and at
* doxyparser.h
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#include <string>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include "swig.h"
#include "doxyentity.h"
// Utility function to return the base part of a command that may
// include options, e.g. param[in] -> param
std::string getBaseCommand(const std::string &cmd);
class DoxygenParser {
enum DoxyCommandEnum {
NONE = -1,
/** This class contains parts of Doxygen comment as a token. */
class Token {
DoxyCommandEnum m_tokenType;
std::string m_tokenString; /* the data , such as param for @param */
Token(DoxyCommandEnum tType, std::string tString) : m_tokenType(tType), m_tokenString(tString) {
std::string toString() const {
switch (m_tokenType) {
case END_LINE:
return "{END OF LINE}";
return "{END OF PARAGRAPH}";
return "{PLAINSTRING :" + m_tokenString + "}";
return "{COMMAND : " + m_tokenString + "}";
return "";
typedef std::vector<Token> TokenList;
typedef TokenList::const_iterator TokenListCIt;
typedef TokenList::iterator TokenListIt;
TokenList m_tokenList;
TokenListCIt m_tokenListIt;
typedef std::map<std::string, DoxyCommandEnum> DoxyCommandsMap;
typedef DoxyCommandsMap::iterator DoxyCommandsMapIt;
* Map of Doxygen commands to determine if a string is a
* command and how it needs to be parsed
static DoxyCommandsMap doxygenCommands;
static std::set<std::string> doxygenSectionIndicators;
bool m_isVerbatimText; // used to handle \htmlonly and \verbatim commands
bool m_isInQuotedString;
Node *m_node;
std::string m_fileName;
int m_fileLineNo;
* Return the end command for a command appearing in "ignore" feature or empty
* string if this is a simple command and not a block one.
std::string getIgnoreFeatureEndCommand(const std::string &theCommand) const;
* Helper for getting the value of doxygen:ignore feature or its argument.
String *getIgnoreFeature(const std::string &theCommand, const char *argument = NULL) const;
* Whether to print lots of debug info during parsing
bool noisy;
*Changes a std::string to all lower case
std::string stringToLower(const std::string &stringToConvert);
* isSectionIndicator returns a boolean if the command is a section indicator
* This is a helper method for finding the end of a paragraph
* by Doxygen's terms
bool isSectionIndicator(const std::string &smallString);
* Determines how a command should be handled (what group it belongs to
* for parsing rules
DoxyCommandEnum commandBelongs(const std::string &theCommand);
*prints the parse tree
void printTree(const std::list<DoxygenEntity> &rootList);
* Returns true if the next token is end of line token. This is important
* when single word commands like \c are at the end of line.
bool isEndOfLine();
* Skips spaces, tabs, and end of line tokens.
void skipWhitespaceTokens();
* Removes all spaces and tabs from beginning end end of string.
std::string trim(const std::string &text);
* Returns string of the next token if the next token is PLAINSTRING. Returns
* empty string otherwise.
std::string getNextToken();
* Returns the next word ON THE CURRENT LINE ONLY
* if a new line is encountered, returns a blank std::string.
* Updates the iterator if successful.
std::string getNextWord();
* Returns the next word, which is not necessarily on the same line.
* Updates the iterator if successful.
std::string getNextWordInComment();
* Returns the location of the end of the line as
* an iterator.
TokenListCIt getOneLine(const TokenList &tokList);
* Returns a properly formatted std::string
* up til ANY command or end of line is encountered.
std::string getStringTilCommand(const TokenList &tokList);
* Returns a properly formatted std::string
* up til the command specified is encountered
//TODO check that this behaves properly for formulas
std::string getStringTilEndCommand(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList);
* Returns the end of a Paragraph as an iterator-
* Paragraph is defined in Doxygen to be a paragraph of text
* separated by either a structural command or a blank line
TokenListCIt getEndOfParagraph(const TokenList &tokList);
* Returns the end of a section, defined as the first blank line OR first
* encounter of the same command. Example of this behaviour is \arg.
* If no end is encountered, returns the last token of the std::list.
TokenListCIt getEndOfSection(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList);
* This method is for returning the end of a specific form of doxygen command
* that begins with a \command and ends in \endcommand
* such as \code and \endcode. The proper usage is
* progressTilEndCommand("endcode", tokenList);
* If the end is never encountered, it returns the end of the std::list.
TokenListCIt getEndCommand(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList);
* A special method for commands such as \arg that end at the end of a
* paragraph OR when another \arg is encountered
//TODO getTilAnyCommand
TokenListCIt getTilAnyCommand(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList);
* This methods skips end of line token, if it is the next token to be
* processed. It is called with comment commands which have args till the
* end of line, such as 'addtogroup' or 'addindex'.
* It is up to translator to specific language to decide whether
* to insert eol or not. For example, if a command is ignored in target
* language, new lines may make formatting ugly (Python).
void skipEndOfLine();
* Method for Adding a Simple Command
* Format: @command
* Plain commands, such as newline etc, they contain no other data
* \n \\ \@ \& \$ \# \< \> \%
void addSimpleCommand(const std::string &theCommand, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* CommandWord
* Format: @command <word>
* Commands with a single WORD after then such as @b
* "a", "b", "c", "e", "em", "p", "def", "enum", "example", "package",
* "relates", "namespace", "relatesalso","anchor", "dontinclude", "include",
* "includelineno"
void addCommandWord(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* CommandLine
* Format: @command (line)
* Commands with a single LINE after then such as @var
* "addindex", "fn", "name", "line", "var", "skipline", "typedef", "skip",
* "until", "property"
void addCommandLine(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* CommandParagraph
* Format: @command {paragraph}
* Commands with a single paragraph after then such as @return
* "return", "remarks", "since", "test", "sa", "see", "pre", "post",
* "details", "invariant", "deprecated", "date", "note", "warning",
* "version", "todo", "bug", "attention", "brief", "arg", "author"
void addCommandParagraph(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* Command EndCommand
* Format: @command and ends at @endcommand
* Commands that take in a block of text such as @code:
* "code", "dot", "msc", "f$", "f[", "f{environment}{", "htmlonly",
* "latexonly", "manonly", "verbatim", "xmlonly", "cond", "if", "ifnot",
* "link"
* Returns 1 if success, 0 if the endcommand is never encountered.
void addCommandEndCommand(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* CommandWordParagraph
* Format: @command <word> {paragraph}
* Commands such as param
* "param", "tparam", "throw", "throws", "retval", "exception"
void addCommandWordParagraph(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* CommandWordLine
* Format: @command <word> (line)
* Commands such as param
* "page", "subsection", "subsubsection", "section", "paragraph", "defgroup"
void addCommandWordLine(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* Command Word Optional Word Optional Word
* Format: @command <word> [<header-file>] [<header-name>]
* Commands such as class
* "category", "class", "protocol", "interface", "struct", "union"
void addCommandWordOWordOWord(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* Command Optional Word
* Format: @command [<word>]
* Commands such as dir
* "dir", "file", "cond"
void addCommandOWord(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* Commands that should not be encountered (such as PHP only)
* goes til the end of line then returns
void addCommandErrorThrow(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
void addCommandHtml(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
void addCommandHtmlEntity(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
*Adds the unique commands- different process for each unique command
void addCommandUnique(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* Replace the given command with its predefined alias expansion.
void aliasCommand(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* Simply ignore the given command, possibly with the word following it or
* until the matching end command.
void ignoreCommand(const std::string &theCommand, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
* The actual "meat" of the doxygen parser. Calls the correct addCommand...()
* function.
void addCommand(const std::string &commandString, const TokenList &tokList, DoxygenEntityList &doxyList);
DoxygenEntityList parse(TokenListCIt endParsingIndex, const TokenList &tokList, bool root = false);
* Fill static doxygenCommands and sectionIndicators containers
void fillTables();
/** Processes comment when \htmlonly and \verbatim commands are encountered. */
size_t processVerbatimText(size_t pos, const std::string &line);
bool processEscapedChars(size_t &pos, const std::string &line);
void processWordCommands(size_t &pos, const std::string &line);
void processHtmlTags(size_t &pos, const std::string &line);
void processHtmlEntities(size_t &pos, const std::string &line);
/** Processes comment outside \htmlonly and \verbatim commands. */
size_t processNormalComment(size_t pos, const std::string &line);
void tokenizeDoxygenComment(const std::string &doxygenComment, const std::string &fileName, int fileLine);
void printList();
void printListError(int warningType, const std::string &message);
typedef std::vector<std::string> StringVector;
typedef StringVector::const_iterator StringVectorCIt;
StringVector split(const std::string &text, char separator);
bool isStartOfDoxyCommentChar(char c);
bool addDoxyCommand(DoxygenParser::TokenList &tokList, const std::string &cmd);
DoxygenParser(bool noisy = false);
virtual ~DoxygenParser();
DoxygenEntityList createTree(Node *node, String *documentation);