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<title>SWIG and C++14</title>
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<H1><a name="CPlusPlus14">8 SWIG and C++14</a></H1>
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<li><a href="#CPlusPlus14_introduction">Introduction</a>
<li><a href="#CPlusPlus14_core_language_changes">Core language changes</a>
<li><a href="#CPlusPlus14_binary_literals">Binary integer literals</a>
<li><a href="#CPlusPlus14_standard_library_changes">Standard library changes</a>
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<H2><a name="CPlusPlus14_introduction">8.1 Introduction</a></H2>
<p>This chapter gives you a brief overview about the SWIG
implementation of the C++14 standard.
There isn't much in C++14 that affects SWIG, however, work has only just begun on adding
C++14 support.
<b>Compatibility note:</b> SWIG-4.0.0 is the first version to support any C++14 features.
<H2><a name="CPlusPlus14_core_language_changes">8.2 Core language changes</a></H2>
<H3><a name="CPlusPlus14_binary_literals">8.2.1 Binary integer literals</a></H3>
C++14 added binary integer literals and SWIG supports these.
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int b = 0b101011;
<H2><a name="CPlusPlus14_standard_library_changes">8.3 Standard library changes</a></H2>