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int main()
write("ICONST = %d (should be 42)\n", .example.ICONST);
write("FCONST = %f (should be 2.1828)\n", .example.FCONST);
write("CCONST = %c (should be 'x')\n", .example.CCONST);
write("CCONST2 = %c (this should be on a new line)\n", .example.CCONST2);
write("SCONST = %s (should be 'Hello World')\n", .example.SCONST);
write("SCONST2 = %s (should be '\"Hello World\"')\n", .example.SCONST2);
write("EXPR = %f (should be 48.5484)\n", .example.EXPR);
write("iconst = %d (should be 37)\n", .example.iconst);
write("fconst = %f (should be 3.14)\n", .example.fconst);
if (search(indices(.example), "EXTERN") == -1)
write("EXTERN isn't defined (good)\n");
write("EXTERN is defined (bad)\n");
if (search(indices(.example), "FOO") == -1)
write("FOO isn't defined (good)\n");
write("FOO is defined (bad)\n");
return 0;