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TOP = ../..
SWIGEXE = $(TOP)/../swig
check: build
cd eggs/install && csi ../../test.scm
build: single multi
# This creates an egg which contains only the single module. Any additional implementation files
# that implement the interface being wrapped should also be added to this egg
single: single_wrap.cxx
mkdir -p eggs
tar czf eggs/single.egg single.setup single.scm single_wrap.cxx
rm -f single.scm single_wrap.cxx
# compile the single module with -nounit
single_wrap.cxx: single.i
$(SWIGEXE) -chicken -c++ -proxy -nounit single.i
# Now build both mod1 and mod2 into a single egg
multi: mod1_wrap.cxx mod2_wrap.cxx
mkdir -p eggs
tar czf eggs/multi.egg multi.setup multi_init.scm mod1.scm mod1_wrap.cxx mod2.scm mod2_wrap.cxx
rm -f mod1.scm mod1_wrap.cxx mod2.scm mod2_wrap.cxx
mod1_wrap.cxx: mod1.i
$(SWIGEXE) -chicken -c++ -proxy mod1.i
mod2_wrap.cxx: mod2.i
$(SWIGEXE) -chicken -c++ -proxy mod2.i
rm -rf eggs
# this part is for testing...
cd eggs && \
mkdir -p install && \
chicken-setup -repository `pwd`/install single.egg && \
chicken-setup -repository `pwd`/install multi.egg