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Still in development, but if you are interested into looking around,
start with
which is the head file. Also read the docs for %fragments in
and follow the definitions in one of the supported languages:
python, perl, ruby, tcl
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Internal typemap specializations
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
carrays.swg Implement the carrays.i library
cdata.swg Implement the cdata.i library
cmalloc.swg Implement the cmalloc.i library
cpointer.swg Implement the cpointer.i library
cstring.swg Implement the cstring.i library typemaps for char *
cwstring.swg Implement the cstring.i library typemaps for wchar_t *
exception.swg Implement the exception.i library
implicit.swg Allow the use of implicit C++ constructors
string.swg Typemaps for char * string
wstring.swg Typemaps for wchar_t * string
std_string.swg Typemaps for std::string
std_wstring.swg Typemaps for std::wstring
swigtype.swg Typemaps for the SWIGTYPE type
void.swg Typemaps for the 'void' type
enumint.swg Typemaps for enums treated as 'int'
swigobject.swg Typemaps for the SWIG_Object as in PyObject, Tcl_Obj, etc.
misctypes.swg Typemaps for miscellaneos types (size_t, ptrdiff_t, etc)
ptrtypes.swg Typemaps for types with a 'ptr' behavior
valtypes.swg Typemaps for 'by value' types
inoutlist.swg IN/OUTPUT/INOUT typemaps, where the OUTPUT values are returned in a list
primtypes.swg Common macros to manage primitive types (short,int,double,etc)
cstrings.swg Common macros to implemented the cstring/cwstring libraries
std_strings.swg Common macros to implemented the std::string/std::wstring typemaps
strings.swg Common macros and typemaps for string and wstring (char *, wchar_t *)
swigmacros.swg Basic macros
fragments.swg Macros for fragment manipulations
typemaps.swg The old typemaps.i library, not needed anymore