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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* clisp.swg
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* Define a C preprocessor symbol that can be used in interface files
to distinguish between the SWIG language modules. */
#define SWIG_CLISP
/* Typespecs for basic types. */
%typemap(in) void "NIL";
%typemap(in) char "character";
%typemap(in) char * "ffi:c-string";
%typemap(in) unsigned char "ffi:uchar";
%typemap(in) signed char "ffi:char";
%typemap(in) short "ffi:short";
%typemap(in) signed short "ffi:short";
%typemap(in) unsigned short "ffi:ushort";
%typemap(in) int "ffi:int";
%typemap(in) signed int "ffi:int";
%typemap(in) unsigned int "ffi:uint";
%typemap(in) long "ffi:long";
%typemap(in) signed long "ffi:long";
%typemap(in) unsigned long "ffi:ulong";
%typemap(in) float "SINGLE-FLOAT";
%typemap(in) double "DOUBLE-FLOAT";