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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* This file is part of SWIG, which is licensed as a whole under version 3
* (or any later version) of the GNU General Public License. Some additional
* terms also apply to certain portions of SWIG. The full details of the SWIG
* license and copyrights can be found in the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files
* included with the SWIG source code as distributed by the SWIG developers
* and at
* doxycommands.h
* Part of the Doxygen comment translation module of SWIG.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
// doxy commands are not processed inside this block
const char *CMD_HTML_ONLY = "htmlonly";
// doxy commands are not processed inside this block
const char *CMD_VERBATIM = "verbatim";
const char *CMD_CODE = "code";
const char *CMD_LATEX_1 = "f$";
const char *CMD_LATEX_2 = "f{";
const char *CMD_LATEX_3 = "f[";
const char *CMD_END_HTML_ONLY = "endhtmlonly";
const char *CMD_END_VERBATIM = "endverbatim";
const char *CMD_END_CODE = "endcode";
const char *CMD_END_LATEX_1 = "f$";
const char *CMD_END_LATEX_2 = "f}";
const char *CMD_END_LATEX_3 = "f]";
const char *sectionIndicators[] = {
"attention", "author", "authors", "brief", "bug", "cond", "date",
"deprecated", "details", "else", "elseif", "endcond", "endif",
"exception", "if", "ifnot", "invariant", "note", "par", "param",
"tparam", "post", "pre", "remarks", "remark", "result", "return",
"returns", "retval", "sa", "see", "since", "test", "throw", "throws",
"todo", "version", "warning", "xrefitem"
const int sectionIndicatorsSize = sizeof(sectionIndicators) / sizeof(*sectionIndicators);
/* All of the doxygen commands divided up by how they are parsed */
const char *simpleCommands[] = {
// the first line are escaped chars, except \~, which is a language ID command.
"n", "$", "@", "\\", "&", "~", "<", ">", "#", "%", "\"", ".", "::",
"callgraph", "callergraph", "showinitializer", "hideinitializer", "internal",
"nosubgrouping", "public", "publicsection", "private", "privatesection",
"protected", "protectedsection", "tableofcontents"
const int simpleCommandsSize = sizeof(simpleCommands) / sizeof(*simpleCommands);
const char *commandWords[] = {
"a", "b", "c", "e", "em", "p", "def", "enum", "package", "relates",
"namespace", "relatesalso", "anchor", "dontinclude", "include",
"includelineno", "copydoc", "copybrief", "copydetails", "verbinclude",
"htmlinclude", "extends", "implements", "memberof", "related", "relatedalso",
const int commandWordsSize = sizeof(commandWords) / sizeof(*commandWords);
const char *commandLines[] = {
"addindex", "fn", "name", "line", "var", "skipline", "typedef", "skip",
"until", "property"
const int commandLinesSize = sizeof(commandLines) / sizeof(*commandLines);
const char *commandParagraph[] = {
"partofdescription", "result", "return", "returns", "remarks", "remark",
"since", "test", "sa", "see", "pre", "post", "details", "invariant",
"deprecated", "date", "note", "warning", "version", "todo", "bug",
"attention", "brief", "author", "authors", "copyright", "short"
const int commandParagraphSize = sizeof(commandParagraph) / sizeof(*commandParagraph);
const char *commandEndCommands[] = {
CMD_HTML_ONLY, "latexonly", "manonly", "xmlonly", "link", "rtfonly"
const int commandEndCommandsSize = sizeof(commandEndCommands) / sizeof(*commandEndCommands);
const char *commandWordParagraphs[] = {
"param", "tparam", "throw", "throws", "retval", "exception", "example"
const int commandWordParagraphsSize = sizeof(commandWordParagraphs) / sizeof(*commandWordParagraphs);
const char *commandWordLines[] = {
"page", "subsection", "subsubsection", "section", "paragraph", "defgroup",
"snippet", "mainpage"
const int commandWordLinesSize = sizeof(commandWordLines) / sizeof(*commandWordLines);
const char *commandWordOWordOWords[] = {
"category", "class", "protocol", "interface", "struct", "union"
const int commandWordOWordOWordsSize = sizeof(commandWordOWordOWords) / sizeof(*commandWordOWordOWords);
const char *commandOWords[] = {
"dir", "file", "cond"
const int commandOWordsSize = sizeof(commandOWords) / sizeof(*commandOWords);
const char *commandErrorThrowings[] = {
"annotatedclassstd::list", "classhierarchy", "define", "functionindex", "header",
"headerfilestd::list", "inherit", "l", "postheader", "endcode", "enddot", "endmsc", "endhtmlonly",
"endlatexonly", "endmanonly", "endlink", "endverbatim", "endxmlonly", "f]", "f}", "endif", "else",
const int commandErrorThrowingsSize = sizeof(commandErrorThrowings) / sizeof(*commandErrorThrowings);
const char *commandUniques[] = {
"xrefitem", "arg", "ingroup", "par", "headerfile", "overload", "weakgroup", "ref", "subpage", "dotfile", "image", "addtogroup", "li",
"if", "ifnot", "elseif", "else", "mscfile", "code", CMD_VERBATIM, "f{", "f[", "f$", "dot", "msc"
const int commandUniquesSize = sizeof(commandUniques) / sizeof(*commandUniques);
// These HTML commands are transformed when producing output in other formats.
// Other commands are left intact, but '<' and '> are replaced with entities in HTML
// output. So <varName> appears as &lt;varName&gt; in HTML output. The same
// behavior must be repeated by SWIG. See Doxygen doc for the list of commands.
// '<' is prepended to distinguish HTML tags from Doxygen commands.
const char *commandHtml[] = {
"<a", "<b", "<blockquote", "<body", "<br", "<center", "<caption", "<code", "<dd", "<dfn",
"<div", "<dl", "<dt", "<em", "<form", "<hr", "<h1", "<h2", "<h3", "<i", "<input", "<img",
"<li", "<meta", "<multicol", "<ol", "<p", "<pre", "<small", "<span", "<strong",
"<sub", "<sup", "<table", "<td", "<th", "<tr", "<tt", "<kbd", "<ul", "<var"
const int commandHtmlSize = sizeof(commandHtml) / sizeof(*commandHtml);
// Only entities which are translatable to plain text are used here. Others
// are copied unchanged to output.
const char *commandHtmlEntities[] = {
"&copy", // (C)
"&trade", // (TM)
"&reg", // (R)
"&lt", // less-than symbol
"&gt", // greater-than symbol
"&amp", // ampersand
"&apos", // single quotation mark (straight)
"&quot", // double quotation mark (straight)
"&lsquo", // left single quotation mark
"&rsquo", // right single quotation mark
"&ldquo", // left double quotation mark
"&rdquo", // right double quotation mark
"&ndash", // n-dash (for numeric ranges, e.g. 2–8)
"&mdash", // --
"&nbsp", //
"&times", // x
"&minus", // -
"&sdot", // .
"&sim", // ~
"&le", // <=
"&ge", // >=
"&larr", // <--
"&rarr" // -->
const int commandHtmlEntitiesSize = sizeof(commandHtmlEntities) / sizeof(*commandHtmlEntities);