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#include <string>
/** Design a motor car from various components */
struct MotorCar {
/** Information about an opinion of the design of a car component */
struct DesignOpinion {
bool itrocks;
std::string reason;
static int AceDesignCount;
static int TotalDesignCount;
static int PercentScore();
/** Wheels component */
struct Wheels {
enum Shape { Round, Square };
Wheels(Shape shape, size_t count);
DesignOpinion Opinion();
Shape shape;
size_t count;
/** Windscreen component */
struct WindScreen {
WindScreen(bool opaque);
DesignOpinion Opinion();
bool opaque;
/** Factory method for creating a car */
static MotorCar DesignFromComponents(const std::string &name, const Wheels &wheels, const WindScreen &windscreen);
std::string Name() {
return name;
/** Get an overall opinion on the car design */
std::string WillItWork();
MotorCar(const std::string &name, const Wheels &wheels, const WindScreen &windscreen);
std::string name;
Wheels wheels;
WindScreen windscreen;