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;; run with mzscheme -r runme.scm
(load-extension "")
; repeatedly invoke a procedure with v and an index as arguments
(define (with-vector v proc size-proc)
(let ((size (size-proc v)))
(define (with-vector-item v i)
(if (< i size)
(proc v i)
(with-vector-item v (+ i 1)))
(with-vector-item v 0)))
(define (with-IntVector v proc)
(with-vector v proc IntVector-length))
(define (with-DoubleVector v proc)
(with-vector v proc DoubleVector-length))
(define (print-DoubleVector v)
(with-DoubleVector v (lambda (v i) (display (DoubleVector-ref v i))
(display " ")))
; Call average with a Scheme list...
(display (average '(1 2 3 4)))
; ... or a wrapped std::vector<int>
(define v (new-IntVector 4))
(with-IntVector v (lambda (v i) (IntVector-set! v i (+ i 1))))
(display (average v))
(delete-IntVector v)
; half will return a Scheme vector.
; Call it with a Scheme vector...
(display (half #(1 1.5 2 2.5 3)))
; ... or a wrapped std::vector<double>
(define v (new-DoubleVector))
(map (lambda (i) (DoubleVector-push! v i)) '(1 2 3 4))
(display (half v))
; now halve a wrapped std::vector<double> in place
(halve-in-place v)
(print-DoubleVector v)
(delete-DoubleVector v)