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Below are the changes for the current release.
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Version 4.2.0 (in progress)
2023-04-14: olly
[PHP7] Support for PHP7 has been removed. PHP7 security support
ended 2022-11-28 so it doesn't make sense to include support for
it in the SWIG 4.2.x release series.
2023-03-25: alatina
[Octave] #2512 Add support for Octave 8.1.
2023-03-22: wsfulton
[C#] #2478 Minor enhancements to std::array wrappers in std_array.i.
2023-03-13: wsfulton
Improved error checking when using %template to instantiate templates within
the correct scope.
1. When a template is instantiated via %template and uses the unary scope
operator ::, an error occurs if the instantiation is attempted within a
namespace that does not enclose the instantiated template.
For example, the following will now error as ::test::max is not enclosed within test1:
Error: '::test::max' resolves to 'test::max' and was incorrectly instantiated in
scope 'test1' instead of within scope 'test'.
namespace test1 {
%template(maxchar) ::test::max<char>;
2. SWIG previously failed to always detect a template did not exist when using
%template. In particular when instantiating a global template incorrectly within
namespace. The code below now correctly emits an error:
Error: Template 'test5::GlobalVector' undefined.
namespace test5 {
template<typename T> struct GlobalVector {};
%template(GVI) test5::GlobalVector<int>;
2023-03-13: wsfulton
Error out if an attempt is made to define a class using the unary scope
operator ::. The following is not legal C++ and now results in an error:
Error: Using the unary scope operator :: in class definition '::Space2::B' is invalid.
namespace Space2 {
struct B;
struct ::Space2::B {};
2023-03-08: wsfulton
Fix duplicate const in generated code when template instantiation type is const
and use of template parameter is also explicitly const, such as:
template <typename T> struct Conster {
void cccc1(T const& t) {}
%template(ConsterInt) Conster<const int>;
Above previously led to generated code:
(arg1)->cccc1((int const const &)*arg2);
instead of
(arg1)->cccc1((int const &)*arg2);
2023-03-01: wsfulton
Partial template specialization fixes to support default arguments from the primary
template's parameter list.
template<class Y, class T=int> struct X { void primary() {} };
// Previously the specialization below resulted in:
// Error: Inconsistent argument count in template partial specialization. 1 2
template<class YY> struct X<YY*> { void special(YY*) {} };
// Both of these correctly wrap the partially specialized template
%template(StringPtr) X<const char *>;
%template(ShortPtr) X<short *, int>;
2023-02-15: wsfulton
#1300 Further partial template specialization fixes.
Fixes when templates are used as a template parameter in a partially specialized
instantiation such as:
template<typename V> struct Vect {};
template<class T, typename TT> class Foo { ... };
template<class TS, typename TTS> class Foo<Vect<TS>, TTS> { ... };
%template(VectInt) Vect<int>;
%template(FooVectIntDouble) Foo<Vect<int>, double>; // was previously attempting to use primary template
Also fixes partial specialization where the same template parameter name is used twice,
for example:
template<typename X, typename Y> struct H { ... };
template<typename T> struct H<T, T> { ... };
%template(HInts) H<int, int>; // was previously attempting to use primary template
2023-01-27: jschueller
#2492 [python] Fix unused parameter warnings for self parameter in
generated C/C++ wrapper code.
2023-01-14: wsfulton
Fix deduction of partially specialized template parameters when the specialized
parameter is non-trivial, used in a wrapped method and the type to %template uses
typedefs. For example:
typedef double & DoubleRef;
template <typename T> struct XX {};
template <typename T> struct XX<T &> { void fn(T t) {} };
%template(XXD) XX<DoubleRef>;
The type of the parameter in the instantiated template for fn is now correctly deduced
as double.
2023-01-03: wsfulton
#983 Fix seg fault when instantiating templates with parameters that are function
parameters containing templates, such as:
%template(MyC) C<int(std::vector<int>)>;
2023-01-03: wsfulton
Complete support for C++11 variadic function templates. Support was previously limited
to just one template parameter. Now zero or more template parameters are supported
in the %template instantiation.
2022-12-29: wsfulton
#1863 Syntax error fixes parsing more elaborate parameter pack arguments that are
used in function pointers, member function pointers:
template <typename... V> struct VariadicParms {
void ParmsFuncPtrPtr(int (*)(V*...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrPtrRef(int (*)(V*&...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrPtrRValueRef(int (*)(V*&&...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrRef(int (*)(V&...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrRValueRef(int (*)(V&&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrPtr(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V*...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrPtrRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V*&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrPtrRValueRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V*&&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrRValueRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V&&...)) {}
%template(VariadicParms0) VariadicParms<>;
%template(VariadicParms1) VariadicParms<A>;
Also in various other places such as within noexcept specifiers:
template<typename T, typename... Args>
void emplace(Args &&... args) noexcept(
std::is_nothrow_constructible<T, Args &&...>::value);
2022-12-27: wsfulton
Fix instantiation of variadic class templates containing parameter pack arguments that
are function pointers.
template <typename... V> struct VariadicParms {
void ParmsFuncPtrVal(int (*)(V...)) {}
%template(VariadicParms0) VariadicParms<>;
%template(VariadicParms1) VariadicParms<A>;
2022-12-23: wsfulton
#1863 Fix syntax error parsing variadic templates containing parameter pack arguments that
are function pointers.
2022-12-22: wsfulton
Complete support for C++11 variadic class templates. Support was previously limited
to just one template parameter. Now zero or more template parameters are supported.
2022-12-06: wsfulton
#1636 Fix syntax error for misplaced Doxygen comment after struct/class member.
Fix syntax error using Doxygen member groups syntax, "///*}", when used after
final struct/class member.
2022-12-05: wsfulton
#2023 Fix garbled Doxygen post comments in parameter lists.
Fix syntax error parsing a trailing Doxygen comment in parameter lists.
2022-12-03: wsfulton
#1609 Fix syntax error parsing of Doxygen comments after last enum item.
2022-12-03: wsfulton
#1715 Fix syntax error parsing of unconventionally placed Doxygen post
comments for enum items.
2022-12-02: wsfulton
#624 #1021 Improved template template parameters support. Previously, specifying more
than one simple template template parameter resulted in a parse error. Now
multiple template template parameters are working including instantiation with
%template. Example:
template <template<template<class> class, class> class Op, template<class> class X, class Y>
class C { ... };
2022-11-26: wsfulton
#1589 #1590 Slightly better decltype() support for expressions, such as:
int i,j;
... decltype(i+j) ...
... decltype(&i) ...
These result in a warning for non-trivial expressions which SWIG cannot evaluate:
Warning 344: Unable to deduce decltype for 'i+j'.
See 'Type Inference' in CPlusPlus.html for workarounds.
2022-11-22: wsfulton
#1037 Fix seg fault handling template parameter expressions containing '<='
or '>='.
2022-11-18: wsfulton
Duplicate class template instantiations via %template now issue a warning and are ignored.
%template(Aint) A<int>;
%template(Aint2) A<int>; // Now ignored and issues a warning
example.i:7: Warning 404: Duplicate template instantiation of 'A< int >' with name 'Aint2' ignored,
example.i:6: Warning 404: previous instantiation of 'A< int >' with name 'Aint'.
A single empty template instantiation before a named instantiation is the one exception
for allowing duplicate template instantiations as the empty template instantation does not
create a wrapper for the template, it merely adds the instantiation into SWIG's internal
type system.
Duplicate empty template instantiations are quietly ignored.
%template() B<int>;
%template(Bint) B<int>; // OK
%template() C<int>;
%template() C<int>; // Quietly ignored now
%template(Cint) C<int>; // OK
Note that default template parameters are considered when looking for duplicates such as:
template <typename T, typename U = short> struct D {};
%template(Dint) D<int>;
%template(Dintshort) D<int, short>;
example.i:7: Warning 404: Duplicate template instantiation of 'D< int,short >' with name 'Dintshort' ignored,
example.i:6: Warning 404: previous instantiation of 'D< int >' with name 'Dint'.
Note that the following always was ignored, but that was because the chosen name was a
duplicate rather than the template being a duplicate:
%template(Eint) E<int>;
%template(Eint) E<int>; // Always has been ignored as a redefined identifier
The old warning was:
example.i:7: Warning 302: Identifier 'Eint' redefined (ignored) (Renamed from 'E< int >'),
example.i:6: Warning 302: previous definition of 'Eint' (Renamed from 'E< int >').