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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* This file is part of SWIG, which is licensed as a whole under version 3
* (or any later version) of the GNU General Public License. Some additional
* terms also apply to certain portions of SWIG. The full details of the SWIG
* license and copyrights can be found in the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files
* included with the SWIG source code as distributed by the SWIG developers
* and at
* cparse.h
* SWIG parser module.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#include "swig.h"
#include "swigwarn.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* cscanner.c */
extern String *cparse_file;
extern int cparse_line;
extern int cparse_cplusplus;
extern int cparse_cplusplusout;
extern int cparse_start_line;
extern String *cparse_unknown_directive;
extern int scan_doxygen_comments;
extern void Swig_cparse_cplusplus(int);
extern void Swig_cparse_cplusplusout(int);
extern void scanner_file(File *);
extern void scanner_next_token(int);
extern int skip_balanced(int startchar, int endchar);
extern String *get_raw_text_balanced(int startchar, int endchar);
extern void skip_decl(void);
extern void scanner_check_typedef(void);
extern void scanner_ignore_typedef(void);
extern void scanner_last_id(int);
extern void scanner_clear_rename(void);
extern void scanner_set_location(String *file, int line);
extern void scanner_set_main_input_file(String *file);
extern String *scanner_get_main_input_file(void);
extern void Swig_cparse_follow_locators(int);
extern void start_inline(char *, int);
extern String *scanner_ccode;
extern int yylex(void);
/* parser.y */
extern SwigType *Swig_cparse_type(String *);
extern Node *Swig_cparse(File *);
extern Hash *Swig_cparse_features(void);
extern void SWIG_cparse_set_compact_default_args(int defargs);
extern int SWIG_cparse_template_reduce(int treduce);
/* util.c */
extern void Swig_cparse_replace_descriptor(String *s);
extern SwigType *Swig_cparse_smartptr(Node *n);
extern void cparse_normalize_void(Node *);
extern Parm *Swig_cparse_parm(String *s);
extern ParmList *Swig_cparse_parms(String *s, Node *file_line_node);
extern Node *Swig_cparse_new_node(const_String_or_char_ptr tag);
/* templ.c */
extern int Swig_cparse_template_expand(Node *n, String *rname, ParmList *tparms, Symtab *tscope);
extern Node *Swig_cparse_template_locate(String *name, ParmList *tparms, String *symname, Symtab *tscope);
extern void Swig_cparse_debug_templates(int);
extern ParmList *Swig_cparse_template_parms_expand(ParmList *instantiated_parameters, Node *primary, Node *templ);
extern ParmList *Swig_cparse_template_partialargs_expand(ParmList *partially_specialized_parms, Node *primary, ParmList *templateparms);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#define SWIG_WARN_NODE_BEGIN(Node) \
{ \
String *wrnfilter = Node ? Getattr(Node,"feature:warnfilter") : 0; \
if (wrnfilter) Swig_warnfilter(wrnfilter,1)
#define SWIG_WARN_NODE_END(Node) \
if (wrnfilter) Swig_warnfilter(wrnfilter,0); \
#define COMPOUND_EXPR_VAL(dtype) \
((dtype).type == T_CHAR || (dtype).type == T_WCHAR ? (dtype).rawval : (dtype).val)