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/* File : example.i */
%module example
#include "example.h"
/* Some global variable declarations */
%inline %{
extern int ivar;
extern short svar;
extern long lvar;
extern unsigned int uivar;
extern unsigned short usvar;
extern unsigned long ulvar;
extern signed char scvar;
extern unsigned char ucvar;
extern char cvar;
extern float fvar;
extern double dvar;
extern char *strvar;
extern const char cstrvar[];
extern int *iptrvar;
extern char name[256];
extern Point *ptptr;
extern Point pt;
/* Some read-only variables */
%inline %{
extern int status;
extern char path[256];
/* Some helper functions to make it easier to test */
%inline %{
extern void print_vars();
extern int *new_int(int value);
extern Point *new_Point(int x, int y);
extern char *Point_print(Point *p);
extern void pt_print();