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; The test string has some non-ascii characters added
; because our guile wrappers had bugs in that area
(define x "hello - æææ")
(if (not (string=? (test-value x) x))
(begin (error "Error 1") (exit 1)))
(if (not (string=? (test-const-reference x) x))
(begin (error "Error 2") (exit 1)))
(define y (test-pointer-out))
(test-pointer y)
(define z (test-const-pointer-out))
(test-const-pointer z)
(define a (test-reference-out))
(test-reference a)
;; test global variables
(GlobalString "whee")
(if (not (string=? (GlobalString) "whee"))
(error "Error 3"))
(if (not (string=? (GlobalString2) "global string 2"))
(error "Error 4"))
(define struct (new-Structure))
;; MemberString should be a wrapped class
(define scl (Structure-MemberString-get struct))
(if (not (string=? scl ""))
(error "Error 4.5"))
(Structure-MemberString-set struct "and how")
(if (not (string=? (Structure-MemberString-get struct) "and how"))
(error "Error 5"))
(if (not (string=? (Structure-MemberString2-get struct) "member string 2"))
(error "Error 6"))
(Structure-StaticMemberString "static str")
(if (not (string=? (Structure-StaticMemberString) "static str"))
(error "Error 7"))
(if (not (string=? (Structure-StaticMemberString2) "static member string 2"))
(error "Error 8"))
;(if (not (string=? (Structure-ConstMemberString-get struct) "const member string"))
; (error "Error 9"))
(if (not (string=? (Structure-ConstStaticMemberString) "const static member string"))
(error "Error 10"))
(if (not (string=? (stdstring-empty) ""))
(error "stdstring-empty test"))
(if (not (string=? (c-empty) ""))
(error "c-empty test"))
; C++ NULL is mapped to #f (false) here rather than null. I don't know guile
; enough to know if that makes sense or not.
(if (c-null)
(error "c-null test"))
; FIXME: However, #f doesn't round-trip, so something seems wrong.
; (if (get-null (c-null))
; (error "get-null c-empty test"))
(if (not (string=? (get-null (c-empty)) "non-null"))
(error "get-null c-empty test"))
(if (not (string=? (get-null (stdstring-empty)) "non-null"))
(error "get-null stdstring-empty test"))
(exit 0)