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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More tests => 9;
# member_pointer using pointers to member functions
BEGIN { use_ok('member_pointer') }
sub check($;$;$) {
my($what, $expected, $actual) = @_;
if ($expected != $actual) {
die ("Failed: $what Expected: $expected Actual: $actual");
# Get the pointers
my $area_pt = member_pointer::areapt();
my $perim_pt = member_pointer::perimeterpt();
# Create some objects
my $s = new member_pointer::Square(10);
# Do some calculations
is(100.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$area_pt), "Square area");
is(40.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$perim_pt), "Square perim");
no strict;
my $memberPtr = $member_pointer::areavar;
$memberPtr = $member_pointer::perimetervar;
# Try the variables
is(100.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$member_pointer::areavar), "Square area");
is(40.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$member_pointer::perimetervar), "Square perim");
# Modify one of the variables
$member_pointer::areavar = $perim_pt;
is(40.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$member_pointer::areavar), "Square perimeter");
# Try the constants
$memberPtr = $member_pointer::AREAPT;
$memberPtr = $member_pointer::PERIMPT;
$memberPtr = $member_pointer::NULLPT;
is(100.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$member_pointer::AREAPT), "Square area");
is(40.0, member_pointer::do_op($s,$member_pointer::PERIMPT), "Square perim");