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(load-extension "")
(define largs #("hi" "hola" "hello"))
(when (not (= (mainc largs) 3))
(error "calling mainc failed"))
(define targs #("hi" "hola"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv targs 0) "hi"))
(error "calling mainv failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv targs 1) "hola"))
(error "calling mainv failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv targs 2) "<<NULL>>"))
(error "calling mainv failed"))
(with-handlers ([exn:fail? (lambda (exn)
(when (not (string=? (exn-message exn)
"SWIG contract, assertion failed: function=mainv, message=null array"))
(error "wrong error")))])
(mainv "hello" 1)
(error "mainv should generate exception"))
(initializeApp largs)
; Check that an empty array works.
(define empty_args #())
(when (not (= (mainc empty_args) 0))
(error "calling mainc failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv empty_args 0) "<<NULL>>"))
(error "calling mainv failed"))
; Check that empty strings are handled.
(define empty_string #("hello" "" "world"))
(when (not (= (mainc empty_string) 3))
(error "calling mainc failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv empty_string 0) "hello"))
(error "calling mainv 0 failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv empty_string 1) ""))
(error "calling mainv 1 failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv empty_string 2) "world"))
(error "calling mainv 2 failed"))
(when (not (string=? (mainv empty_string 3) "<<NULL>>"))
(error "calling mainv 3 failed"))
(exit 0)